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Graeme Souness Dives into Charity Swim for EB Cause

Graeme Souness: A New Chapter Beyond Football, Diving into The English Channel for Epidermolysis Bullosa

Emerging from the opulence of a decorated football career, Graeme Souness, legendary Liverpool, Rangers, and Scotland player, unveils a poignant, heartrending crusade: his commitment to swim the English Channel. This isn’t a solitary quest for personal glory; it’s a mission rooted in compassion and solidarity, as Souness locks arms with those battling a disease he dubs the “cruellest out there” — Epidermolysis bullosa.

Confronting Epidermolysis Bullosa: The Butterfly Skin Disease

“Epidermolysis bullosa, or ‘butterfly skin’ as it’s commonly known, is the unkindest of afflictions,” a visibly moved Souness explained on BBC Breakfast. His knowledge of the rare skin condition, affecting around 5,000 people in the UK, was heightened through a fortuitous meeting with 14-year-old Isla Grist from the Scottish Highlands.

Isla’s skin, as delicate as a butterfly wing, blisters or tears at the slightest contact. From birth, she has been bound in a cocoon of bandages, changed three times a week in an excruciating procedure. Despite the ongoing agony, her bravery and resilience have proved an inspiration, even for a seasoned veteran like Souness.

“I am humbled in her presence; her fortitude brings me to tears,” he confessed, admitting Isla is the most unique person he’s ever encountered. The friendship they share is an emotional journey that Souness holds dear.

Swimming Against The Current: Souness and the £1.1m Debra Charity Pledge

Wielding his celebrity for good, Souness seeks to raise £1.1 million for Debra charity, an organization that extends support to individuals like Isla living with the genetic disorder. A conclusive cure remains elusive, but the former footballer’s quest aims to galvanize the cause and provide hope for those wrestling with Epidermolysis bullosa.

Joining Souness for this formidable 21-mile challenge from England to France, scheduled for 18 June, is Isla’s father, Andy, along with four other determined team members. Their collective plunge into the choppy waves of the English Channel aims to raise vital funds for Debra’s ‘A Life Free of Pain’ appeal.

Epidermolysis Bullosa: Unmasking the Brutality of the Condition

The brutal reality of Epidermolysis bullosa is something Andy Grist knows only too well. “It’s a relentless assault on Isla. Her body, inside and out, is continually under siege from blisters and raw skin,” he elucidated, underscoring the urgency for effective therapeutic interventions.

Driven by a father’s desire to alleviate his daughter’s agony, Andy advocates for swift action. He explained the potential advantages of repurposing existing, licensed drugs as a faster pathway to relief for Epidermolysis bullosa sufferers.

“Isla often finds solace in distraction, immersing herself in television shows to momentarily escape the unrelenting discomfort,” he shared, illustrating his daughter’s daily struggle. However, he recognises that tangible progress in treatment options is urgently needed to truly improve her quality of life.

Through their courageous endeavour, Souness, Andy and their team hope to stir a wave of support and awareness for the ‘butterfly skin’ disease. This extraordinary swim isn’t merely a 16-hour challenge; it’s a leap of faith that strives to manifest a life free of pain for Isla and thousands like her.

“We’re desperate to propel research into a new dimension. The funds raised from this swim could be the catalyst to bring about a tangible change,” Andy concluded, signalling a horizon of hope.

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