Goldbridge Weighs in on United’s Pursuit of Mount

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Manchester United Eying £55 Million Mason Mount Deal

In the latest news from the transfer market, according to David Ornstein in The Athletic; Manchester United is said to be showing substantial interest in securing Chelsea’s midfield talent, Mason Mount. The proposed £55 million deal has raised quite a few eyebrows, drawing mixed responses from pundits and fans alike.

Mount: The Midfield Maestro United Needs?

One of the voices weighing in on this transfer speculation is Man United fanatic Mark Goldbridge. According to Goldbridge, there’s a clear strategic reason why Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, might be so keen on Mount. “It’s very, very clear whether we agree with it or not that Erik ten Hogg thinks he wants one holding midfielder, one attacking box-to-box midfielder,” said Goldbridge. He believes Mount fits perfectly into that vision.

Indeed, at his peak, Mount has shown he can be a commanding presence in the midfield, providing the necessary attacking thrust while also holding his own defensively.

Mount’s Price Tag: A Case of ‘English Tax’?

However, the proposed £55 million price tag is causing a stir. With only one year left on Mount’s contract, Goldbridge thinks the valuation is off. “I don’t think he’s worth more than 50 with a year left on his contract, it’s English tax again,” he opined. ‘English tax’ refers to the premium often placed on homegrown players in the Premier League, inflating their transfer fees.

Goldbridge’s comments reflect a broader concern about the inflation of player values in the football market. While the ‘English tax’ issue is debatable, it does highlight the complexities of negotiating transfer fees, particularly for high-profile players like Mount.

Competition from Arsenal and Liverpool?

Further adding to the transfer drama, other Premier League heavyweights, including Arsenal and Liverpool, are also reported to be interested in Mount. The competition only fuels the urgency for United to make the first formal bid, another point that Goldbridge underlined.

The Liverpool and Arsenal interest may indeed force United’s hand, putting additional pressure on the club to secure a deal sooner rather than later.

Mount’s Form and Future: A Cause for Concern?

Despite Mount’s undeniable talent, there are concerns about his recent form. As Goldbridge put it, “I’m really surprised by Mason Mount this season.”

Moreover, Goldbridge raised questions about Mount’s apparent desire to leave Chelsea, his boyhood club. “It worries me when a player falls off for a year because it makes you think well in two or three years time when he’s not in our team does he start throwing his toys out the pram and wants in a move from us as well?” he asked.

Yet, the commentator also acknowledged that if Mount regains his best form, he could be a significant asset to United.

In summary, Manchester United’s interest in Mason Mount brings forth several interesting questions about transfer market strategies, player valuations, and the role of club loyalty in football. While the potential deal is promising, there are concerns to be addressed before a move can be finalised.

It remains to be seen whether Manchester United will push forward with their bid for Mount, and, if they do, how this move could shape the future of both the player and the club. One thing is for certain – all eyes will be on this transfer saga as it unfolds.


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