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Golden Ticket: Messi’s €1.2 Billion Saudi Arabia Move

Lionel Messi’s Rumoured Billion Euro Move to Al-Hilal

The ‘Messi’ah of Football Heading to Saudi Arabia?

A transfer tale that has set the footballing world ablaze, Lionel Messi’s transition from the glamour of Paris Saint-Germain to the emerging powerhouse of Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, comes as a shock to many. This monumental shift signifies a groundbreaking payday, wherein Messi is to pocket a jaw-dropping €1.2 billion across his two-year stint.

Citing reports from Foot Mercato’s Sati Aouna via Football Transfers, Messi has agreed to this colossal figure, a yearly salary of €600m, which comfortably eclipses the earnings of his former arch-rival, Cristiano Ronaldo at Saudi’s Al Nassr.

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The Al-Hilal Negotiations

In a saga that has been brewing over the last few weeks, Messi’s move to Al-Hilal had been pegged at a contract in the region of €400 million per year. However, in a fascinating turn of events, Aouna discloses that the actual figure agreed is a staggering €600m per annum. With the transfer deal still unconfirmed officially, an exciting waiting game ensues.

Simultaneously, Al-Hilal finds themselves in a tug of war with Barcelona, vying for Messi’s signature, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Messi’s Controversial Trip to Saudi Arabia

Remember the incident where Messi was suspended without pay for a fortnight by PSG (though he returned a week early), on account of missing training due to a trip to Saudi Arabia? Officially labelled as a commercial visit, where Messi even took up the role of a tourist ambassador for Saudi Arabia’s 2030 World Cup bid, a deeper dig uncovers intriguing details.

Messi’s real motive, as reported by Rudy Galetti and other journalists, was actually a rendezvous with Al-Hilal for transfer talks, supposedly having a positive outcome.

Messi’s Potential Return to Barcelona Overshadowed by Financial Incentives

Although a sentimental return to Barcelona has long been rumoured as Messi’s preferred move, the unprecedented financial might of the Saudi offer appears to have overshadowed the Spanish temptation. As his contract with PSG reaches its end, all signs point to a Saudi Arabian departure for Messi. Stay tuned for more on this billion Euro spectacle.

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