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Celtic’s Postecoglou: The Next Spurs Head Coach?

A Shift in Spurs’ Strategy: Ange Postecoglou Under Consideration

According to The Athletic Celtic’s current manager, Ange Postecoglou is now being closely eyed by Tottenham Hotspur as their next potential head coach.

In recent years, Tottenham has seen its fair share of managerial appointments, most notably Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho. Both boasted near-perfect CVs laden with league titles, domestic cups and European glories. A prominent pattern emerged – Spurs seemed set on recruiting the most accomplished and well-known figures from the managerial circuit.

Yet, despite their illustrious track records, these appointments didn’t quite yield the desired results. It soon became apparent that Tottenham was spending more than it was gaining – in terms of money, energy, and morale.

A New Approach with Postecoglou?

Ange Postecoglou’s potential appointment is a refreshing deviation from this norm. Postecoglou, having claimed the Australian title with two different clubs, the J-League, and a couple of Scottish Premierships with Celtic, undeniably has a strong managerial resume. Yet, his career path doesn’t match the high-profile European stints of Mourinho and Conte.

At 57, he’s yet to manage in England or any of the so-called ‘top five’ leagues of Europe. However, his success with the teams he has been in charge of speaks volumes about his competence.

Spurs fans have long clamoured for a shift in strategy. Mourinho and Conte both appeared to regard their positions at Tottenham as a step-down, an attitude that did little to endear them to the club staff, players, or fans. The resultant friction and sense of entitlement fostered an unhealthy environment, contributing to an unsuccessful period in the club’s history.

The Return to ‘Alignment’

Eager to avoid a repeat of the past tumultuous years, Tottenham is now keen to foster a culture of ‘alignment’, reminiscent of the Mauricio Pochettino days. The club seeks a leader who can rally the troops, inspire a shared vision, and above all, secure the trust of the fans.

In this context, Postecoglou stands out. His Celtic tenure has been characterised by excellent football, impressive wins, and most importantly, a style of play that’s both daring and delightful.

The ‘Voice’ of Celtic

Postecoglou’s success isn’t merely confined to the pitch. His understanding of the significance of the club to its supporters is a testament to his insightful leadership. He quickly became a pivotal figure for Celtic, navigating the pressures of a demanding fanbase and high expectations with finesse.

The Australian manager’s empathetic yet resolute approach has won him much admiration. His words following a victory over Rangers in 2022 encapsulate this sentiment. He stated, “I said to the players that we had 60,000 in tonight and I’m sure a lot of them walked in with some problems in their life. For these 95 minutes we made them forget that and feel good and that’s something special.”

Postecoglou’s keen understanding of the power of communication sets him apart. He realises that winning over the fans and players requires more than a string of victories – it demands authenticity and a shared vision.

His predecessor at Tottenham, including Mourinho, Conte, and Nuno Espirito Santo, lacked this connection with the fans. Should Postecoglou adopt the same approach at Spurs as he did at Celtic, the club may just regain that long-lost sense of unity.

A Style of Play That Spurs Fans Crave

In addition to his ability to connect with fans, Postecoglou has also proven his tactical acumen on the pitch. His Celtic side has impressed with their attacking 4-3-3 setup, showing a dedication to proactive, positive football.

Should he be appointed, Spurs might finally see a return to the “free-flowing, attacking and entertaining” style of football, as promised by Daniel Levy in the wake of Mourinho’s departure.

The Risks and Potential Rewards

However, like any managerial appointment, the prospect of Postecoglou helming Tottenham is not without its uncertainties. With the task of reviving the team’s morale, integrating younger players into the squad, and restoring Tottenham’s European ambitions, Postecoglou faces significant challenges.

Yet, history shows that the most unlikely candidates often lead to the most successful tenures. It’s the Jols, Redknapps, and Pochettinos – those who understood the club, its fans, and its dynamics – that flourished at Spurs, not necessarily those with the most star-studded CVs.

As Tottenham turns a new leaf, fans will hope that if given the opportunity, Ange Postecoglou may be the one to successfully follow in their footsteps.

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