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Mikel Arteta Urged to Sign Diaby for a Stronger Arsenal Squad

Arsenal’s £65m Transfer Prospect: Moussa Diaby – Time for a Shake-up at The Emirates

Renowned for his candid opinions, former Arsenal centre-back Johan Djourou has made it clear where he believes his old club should be setting their sights this transfer window. His advice for Arsenal? It’s high time to secure the talents of Bayer Leverkusen’s dynamic winger, Moussa Diaby.

The Prodigy of Leverkusen: Moussa Diaby

At the tender age of 23, Diaby is already carving out an impressive football career. With 14 goals and ten assists to his name in the 2022/23 season, his stats are enough to make anyone sit up and take notice. This makes the £65m price tag, a leap from the £13m Leverkusen paid four years ago, seem more of an investment than an expenditure. Diaby’s prowess on the field, marked by his remarkable season, has caught the attention of many, with the potential for an Arsenal move being reported by Football London.

The Arteta Effect: A Call for Competition

Djourou is explicit in his support for Arteta’s interest in the French international. He put forward a compelling case for the Leverkusen star’s transition to North London, stating, “For me, competition is the be-all and end-all, so I would welcome a new arrival in that position.”

Comparing the Arsenal setup with Manchester City, Djourou continued, “Just look at Manchester City: At the moment, top players like Phil Foden or Riyad Mahrez are always on the bench, while Jack Grealish is an integral part of the starting eleven because he performs really well. A well-balanced squad is eminently important to strengthen the cohesion and to make sure that every player questions himself again and again.”

Moussa Diaby: The Answer to Arsenal’s Comfort Zone

It is no secret that Arsenal are yearning for an infusion of quality and experience into their team. Djourou views Diaby as the catalyst to reinvigorate the Gunners’ squad, pushing everyone to step up their game. His assertion is clear – Arsenal need to infuse some fresh blood in order to stave off complacency, and Moussa Diaby could well be the antidote to their ‘comfort zone’.

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  1. Excellent article, Arsenal do need a strong quality squad and Diarby would be perfect for Arsenal to push Saka to improve more. Arsenal will need to juggle their finances by buying and selling at the right price. They have for example undervalued both Teirney and Balogun at £30 million each when they should be asking for nearer £60 million with the included addons. Or at least include a cheap buy back clause and a high percentage sell on clause if they are going to sell them cheap. If Balogun was a PSG of Barcelona 21 year old player who had recently scored 20 goals they would value him at £80 million, but because he plays for ( haven’t got a clue how to sell) Arsenal, he is undervalued at £30 million. Why do Arsenal sell their players so cheaply. They need a better salesman. It would be a great article, if someone had wrote about how Arsenal undervalued the prices of exported players compared to other top teams.


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