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Everton Will Demand £40M From Spurs To Part With Keeper

Tottenham Eye Jordan Pickford: Everton’s Price Tag a Stumbling Block?

As reported by Football Transfers, it appears that Tottenham are zeroing in on England’s first-choice keeper Jordan Pickford, with intentions of sealing a summer deal. Yet, Everton’s lofty valuation might be enough to dissuade Spurs from pushing forward.

Tottenham’s Goalkeeping Conundrum

The London club have been closely monitoring the Everton shot-stopper for quite some time, with the future of current goalkeeper Hugo Lloris looking uncertain after a notably lacklustre season. With Lloris’ contract concluding soon, the need for a replacement has sparked the initiation of talks with Everton over their 29-year-old stalwart, Jordan Pickford.

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Sources close to the matter suggest that Everton are hoping for a handsome sum of £40 million in return for their keeper. With Pickford’s contract extending up until 2027, it’s no surprise the Toffees have placed such a premium on their number one.

Pickford’s Double Guarantee

However, a move for Pickford doesn’t come without its caveats. The keeper, who has remained steadfast and resilient in an otherwise struggling Everton side, seeks two major guarantees before making a decision on his potential relocation.

The first assurance Pickford desires is clarity over Tottenham’s managerial hot seat. With Celtic’s head honcho, Ange Postecoglou, currently favoured to take the reins, the speculation around the position is rife after several high-profile refusals.

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The second issue at the heart of Pickford’s hesitation concerns the future of Harry Kane. Spurs’ star forward has been reportedly displeased with the team’s underwhelming performance, sparking rumours of possible big-ticket transfers to giants such as Manchester United or Real Madrid.

While Tottenham are expected to fight tooth and nail to retain their talismanic striker, they may be handcuffed by the dwindling duration of his contract, which has just a year left.

Therefore, as Tottenham grapple with the dilemma of Kane’s future, the decision on Pickford’s transfer from Everton may also face delays. With Pickford’s conditions hinging heavily on the resolution of the managerial vacancy and Kane’s prospective stay, the Spurs’ summer goalkeeper acquisition could prove to be a long-drawn-out affair.

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