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United Eye £50m Mount Move: Smart Play or Risky Bet?

Mount to Manchester United: Is £50m a Bargain?

United’s Calculated Gambit

In a move that’s generating plenty of headlines, Manchester United are reported to be tabling a bid of a mere £50 million for Chelsea’s stellar midfielder, Mason Mount. Despite Chelsea’s expectation of closer to £80 million for their midfield maestro, it appears that United’s valuation aligns more with the player’s Expected Transfer Value (xTV) of £59.5m (€69m). As per a report from The Telegraph, this seems to hint that United’s proposal isn’t entirely unfounded, albeit on the lower end.

A Chess Game with Multiple Players

While interest from Premier League contenders Liverpool and Arsenal in Mount is no secret, United seem to be driving the hard bargain from a position of relative strength. The club has three considerable advantages in the ongoing negotiations. Firstly, the agreement of personal terms with Mount, indicating his openness towards the Red Devils. Secondly, the financial firepower they possess, notwithstanding the ongoing hiccup in the takeover deal that’s testing the patience of manager Erik ten Hag. Lastly, Chelsea’s predicament with Mount’s contract expiring at the end of the 2023/24 season and the looming threat of losing him on a free transfer.

Chelsea’s Stance on Mount

Not to be browbeaten easily, Chelsea are standing firm on their asking price for Mount. The Telegraph suggests this is largely due to their reluctance to part ways with an academy graduate for a sum that is seen as undervalued.

Mount’s Mysterious Silence

During a recent engagement at the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix, Mount was asked by Sky Sports about the potential move to Manchester United. Keeping his cards close to his chest, the England star simply responded, “I’m here to just enjoy this race, today. Amazing day. Can’t wait to watch it.”

Despite his discreet stance, the prospect of seeing Mount in a Manchester United jersey continues to spark intrigue and suspense across the football fraternity. As it stands, only time will reveal if United’s £50 million gambit will pay off.

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  1. Considering Utd are 20 million quid short of Chelsea’s asking price , with Chelsea not interested in Maguire as a make weight , either Utd stump up the 70 million & put the money where their gobs are or be quite


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