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Postecoglou’s Successor at Celtic: Maresca or McKenna?

Kieran McKenna and Enzo Maresca: In The Running for Celtic’s Helm

As Celtic look towards a new era following the departure of Ange Postecoglou to Tottenham Hotspur, several noteworthy names have been tossed into the hat as potential replacements. While Enzo Maresca is undeniably in the mix, Ipswich’s Kieran McKenna has also emerged as a solid candidate to take up the reins at Celtic Park.

Enzo Maresca: The Contender From Manchester City

The Daily Record reported that Enzo Maresca, currently honing his skills as an assistant coach at Manchester City, is very much on Celtic’s radar. It’s worth noting that Celtic is not the only club intrigued by Maresca’s credentials; newly relegated Championship outfit Leicester City also appear keen to secure his services.

The 43-year-old Spaniard has expressed a desire to step back into the main managerial role, a prospect that both Celtic and Leicester are undoubtedly weighing up. However, any significant movements are unlikely to transpire before the looming Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan.

Kieran McKenna: A Rising Star from Ipswich

Among the other contenders, the name of Ipswich boss Kieran McKenna stands out. His recent success in steering Ipswich to promotion into the English Championship has not gone unnoticed, with Celtic reportedly considering him as a potential candidate.

McKenna’s managerial style, akin to Postecoglou’s approach, could be a factor that endears him to the Celtic board. His past experiences include coaching roles at both Tottenham and Manchester United’s academies, before a significant move to United’s first team and subsequently taking the reins at Ipswich in 2021.

Graham Potter and Kjetil Knutsen: More Names in the Mix

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Celtic’s managerial hunt, several other potential candidates have been mentioned. Former Chelsea and Brighton boss Graham Potter is one such name being linked with the vacant position.

Similarly, Bodo Glimt’s Kjetil Knutsen, who has left a significant impression in his matches against Celtic in Europe, has also been mooted. However, his availability could prove challenging given Ajax’s reported interest in holding talks with the Norwegian coach.

A Celtic Reunion for Brendan Rodgers?

An intriguing suggestion that has emerged is the possible return of Brendan Rodgers to Parkhead. Initially considered a strong contender, the prospect of a Rodgers-led Celtic resurgence seems to be losing traction. That being said, in the unpredictable world of football, such a return remains within the realm of possibilities.

As Celtic embark on the challenge of filling the void left by Postecoglou, a myriad of options lay in front of them. Whether they opt for the proven experience of Maresca, the rising talent of McKenna, or an entirely different direction, it’s clear that Celtic’s next managerial appointment will shape the future of this SPL giant.

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