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Man Utd Sale Saga: Glazers, Alfani, and a Possible Scam?

The Manchester United Sale Saga: Glazers, Alfani, and a Potential Scam?

There has been a storm brewing in the world of football, particularly around Manchester United, one of the most storied clubs in the history of the sport. The buzz surrounds the prospective sale of the club, the involvement of the Glazers, and a Qatari businessman named Alfani. But, is this sale as straightforward as it appears, or is there more to it than meets the eye?

An Insider’s Take on The Manchester United Sale

Mark Goldbridge, a well-known commentator from The United Stand, recently voiced his thoughts on the matter. He didn’t mince words, stating his belief that the ongoing saga around Manchester United’s sale might be nothing more than a scam. According to Goldbridge, “I think it’s a scam. I think it’s always been a scam.”

The Glazers’ Role

The Glazers, Manchester United’s current owners, are known for their business acumen, yet their ownership has been met with a mixed reception from the fans. Critics argue they’ve treated the club more like a business asset than a historic sporting institution. Goldbridge believes the Glazers “never wanted to sell Manchester United at all” and further states, “They’ve treated us like mushrooms, they’ve kept us in the dark.”

Alfani’s Involvement

A fresh twist to this tale came in the form of Alfani, a Qatari businessman rumoured to be interested in purchasing the club.  As we have already reported, he is said to have made a further improved, and final, bid to buy the club. However, Goldbridge suggests that Alfani, much like the fans, may have been ‘played’ in this process. He shares, “I think that Alfani’s been played like the rest of the fans…I don’t think they ever had any interest in selling this club.”

The Role of Jim Ratcliffe

In this complex web of football politics, Goldbridge brings in another name, Jim Ratcliffe. He suggests that Ratcliffe, who expressed interest in investing in the club, might be in collusion with the Glazers. As per Goldbridge, the club was put up for sale to see if someone would offer a ‘ridiculous’ amount of money (£6 billion), and if not, they’d revert to Ratcliffe’s investment.

The Fans – The Silent Victims?

Goldbridge speaks for many fans when he reflects on their confusion and disappointment. The supposed sale of Manchester United has seen many twists and turns, leaving fans questioning what’s real and what’s not. As Goldbridge candidly states, “I think we’re idiots as fans because I think we think we know what’s going on and we don’t.”


Despite the mystery and speculation surrounding the potential sale of Manchester United, one thing seems clear. The Glazers, Alfani, and Jim Ratcliffe are key players in a saga that shows no sign of a quick resolution. Amid all the boardroom manoeuvres, the fans continue to support their beloved club, hopeful for a future where football takes centre stage again. As Goldbridge aptly concludes, “I think we’ve all been scammed… I think they always knew Sir Jim would work with them and keep them in power.”

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