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A Tale of Two Icons: Mac Allisters and Argentine Football

The Mac Allisters and the Argentine Connection: An Encounter of Legends, From Maradona to Messi

As reported by the Guardian, it’s a narrative that intertwines three of the most iconic names in Argentine football: Mac Allister, Messi, and Maradona. Carlos Javier Mac Allister, a former teammate of Diego Maradona, now watches his son, Alexis, line up alongside Lionel Messi. It’s an emotional and powerful story that bears recounting.

Tearful Confessions and Family Pride

“I cried,” concedes Carlos Mac Allister, eyes glistening, voice breaking as he wrestles with an emotionally-charged confession. This is not just the tale of any father. Mac Allister’s experience was unique – witnessing his youngest, Alexis, net a goal for Argentina from the stands of Stadium 974.

Carlos Javier Mac Allister, fondly known as Colo, has a rich football history. He played alongside Maradona, his brother Patricio was also a professional footballer, and together they established the Club Deportivo Mac Allister. Today, his offspring – Kevin, Francis, and Alexis – also grace the football pitch, pursuing their careers at Boca Juniors, Rosario Central, and on the international stage with Argentina, respectively.

But this family saga doesn’t stop there.

The Inevitable Debate: Messi vs Maradona

This family has a unique claim that few can match – two generations that have played with two Argentine footballing legends, Maradona and Messi. Yet, there’s an ongoing debate at home – is Messi the greatest, as Alexis would argue, or Maradona, as Carlos advocates?

However, perhaps it’s time to concede defeat. “Compare Messi with those playing now. Don’t compare Messi with Maradona or Maradona with Di Stéfano,” Carlos says. Yet, despite his loyalty to Maradona, he can’t overlook Messi’s extraordinary influence, even at 35, saying, “No doubt Messi’s the best of all time. The best at the World Cup too.”

The Mac Allister Legacy

The Mac Allister legacy began in the 1800s when the family migrated from Ireland and settled in The Pampas, Argentina. Their DNA is now deeply entwined with the country and its favourite pastime – football. The family’s obsession with football is evident. Visit them, and you’ll find a table set up with a phone streaming the latest match, a testament to their passion.

Carlos recounts with pride Alexis’s invitation to Villarreal and the subsequent commendation his sons received for their deep football knowledge. The Mac Allister boys’ obsession with the beautiful game runs deep – they scrutinise every play, studying each player’s movement, noting down their strengths and weaknesses.

However, Carlos insists this footballing prowess is not merely a product of their father. It’s the combination of a strong academy – Argentinos Juniors – a supportive family, and the boys’ inherent passion for the game. Carlos might be the guiding force behind their success, but their journey to professional football was driven by their love for the sport.

The Future of Mac Allisters and Alexis’s Evolution

The future looks bright for the Mac Allisters, especially for Alexis. His father highlights his son’s exceptional evolution, especially since he shifted his position on the pitch. Carlos has great faith in Alexis’s resilience, stating, “I don’t think the pressure will affect him: that’s his best quality.”

However, Carlos is quick to assert that he’s no “pushy dad”. He insists on the importance of the team, playfully reminding his sons they haven’t yet matched his tally of 400 games.

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