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Spurs Superstar Increasingly on Madrid’s Transfer Radar

Harry Kane: Madrid’s Next Target After Benzema’s Exit

Harry Kane is Real Madrid’s ideal replacement for Karim Benzema according to Spanish outlet MARCA.

Madrid’s Post-Benzema Strategy: Introducing Harry Kane

The departure of Karim Benzema, a staple in Madrid’s attacking lineup, has inevitably shaken the strategic planning of the club. Now, Real Madrid is on the hunt for a formidable number 9 to fill the void left by Benzema, promptly. The ideal candidate on the club’s radar? Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

Although acquiring Kane has never been considered an easy feat by the club at Valdebebas, Madrid’s decision-makers are well aware that Tottenham’s situation is rather different from previous years. With Kane’s contract with the English club set to expire in a year, this opens up a window of opportunity for Madrid.

Young Guns and Future Prospects

Prior to Benzema’s unexpected move to Jeddah, Madrid’s strategy centred around securing a young yet seasoned striker, one with an expansive career ahead. Kane fits the bill with his prolific scoring ability and extensive experience in the Premier League.

Still, the club is thinking ahead. Endrick is due to arrive next year, though he may require a period of adaptation. Furthermore, there are potential opportunities to sign Mbappé and Haaland in 2024 – albeit complicated ones, currently dismissed for the upcoming transfer window. However, the impact of Benzema’s departure is not to be underestimated; his shadow looms large over Madrid’s immediate plans.


Tottenham’s Predicament and Kane’s Ambition

The reality for Tottenham is that the club is in dire need of funds. Daniel Levy, president of the English club, knows that selling Kane could well be a lifeline for the club that has recently lost its European status. Furthermore, the emergence of ‘new’ forces in the Premier League like Newcastle and Aston Villa adds to the pressure.

Levy is also aware of his own previous missteps, notably rejecting offers to sell Kane to Manchester City and Manchester United. As Kane nears his 30th birthday, this could be his last chance to sign for a team with the capacity to consistently compete for titles. The dynamics of Kane’s potential move are unique – a journey outside the Premier League, with just a year left on his contract.

Madrid is prepared for a complex operation that goes against their recent transfer norms. Now, it remains to be seen how the other players in this drama respond – ideally with a positive outcome and a price tag around 80 million euros.

Alternatives to Replace Mariano

In the meantime, Real Madrid continues to receive offers of centre forwards as possible replacements for Mariano. Joselu remains the closest, most feasible option. Another interesting prospect is Rodrigo Moreno, a name that has surfaced in Valdebebas.

With Leeds United’s relegation, similar to Joselu’s situation with Espanyol, there’s an exit door opening for the former Madrid youth player. Moreno, currently entertaining an offer from the Premier League and negotiating with other LaLiga teams, could potentially return to Madrid.

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