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Available Manager is ‘Out of the Picture’ for Celtic’s Vacant Position

Celtic’s Manager Hunt: Graham Potter’s Decision Explained

As the Celtic manager position hangs vacant, whispers have started circulating about the potential appointment of ex-Chelsea boss Graham Potter. However, insights gathered from reliable sources suggest that Potter’s desire to return to top-tier football management may not necessarily mean a spell in Scotland.

Celtic and the Managerial Quandary

Following Ange Postecoglou’s confirmed shift to Tottenham, Celtic FC have been busy looking for someone capable of stepping into the significant shoes left behind. The remarkable success under Postecoglou’s leadership has left Celtic with a pressing need to appoint someone who can not only maintain the momentum but also add their unique touch to the club’s football strategy.

Potter’s Position: Insights from Frank McAvennie

Graham Potter, who has remained jobless since his dismissal from Chelsea earlier this season, was amongst the few names connected to the available Celtic position.

Nevertheless, Frank McAvennie, ex-Hoops striker, dispelled the rumours in an exclusive interview with Football Insider. “They are talking about Potter coming up here, I don’t see it happening,” McAvennie shared, opining that individuals like Potter are “out of the picture” for the Celtic job.

McAvennie expressed his doubts about Potter accepting a pay cut to sign with Celtic after his lucrative tenure at Chelsea. He said:

“He is not going to take a cut on what he was getting at Chelsea to sign with Celtic. I would take managers like him out of the picture, they are not going to come up here but it is going to be somebody that is already out of a job.“

The Road Ahead for Celtic

Although Potter’s decision may disappoint some, it does not deter Celtic’s search for their new leader. The club is currently working on a list of potential candidates who can continue Postecoglou’s exemplary work and bring their own flair to the club.

While the manager hunt continues, Celtic will be looking to keep their spirits high and their performance levels up as they navigate the period of change ahead. Whoever they decide to bring on board will undoubtedly be someone who understands the club’s vision and is ready to bring their expertise to the forefront in the 2023-24 season.

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