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Why Do Arsenal Want Chelsea’s Havertz?

Arsenal’s Possible Acquisition of Kai Havertz: A Deeper Dive

The intriguing dynamic surrounding Arsenal’s purported interest in Chelsea’s Kai Havertz is indeed the talk of London town. So let’s delve deeper into the nitty-gritty of this transfer saga, breaking down why Arteta and Arsenal could be keen on making this surprising move.

Arsenal’s interest in the German international was reported earlier this week by Jacob Steinberg in The Guardian.

The Arteta Vision: Versatility in Focus

Arteta’s fondness for versatility in his squad is no secret. According to an episode of the AFTV podcast, the Gunners’ interest in Havertz doesn’t seem so strange when one considers his adaptability and multi-positional ability.

“Arteta loves versatility, and I think he might use that as a strength and a reason why Havertz would have a big part to play in this squad,” the podcast explains.

While questions surround Havertz’s positional uncertainty, it appears that for Arteta, this might be more of an asset than a drawback.

Havertz’s Positioning: A Tactical Insight

Looking at Havertz’s productivity from different positions reveals an interesting pattern. While his Chelsea career hasn’t seen him shine as brightly as expected, his Bundesliga stint showcased his prowess, particularly as a right-winger and central midfielder. A quote from the podcast makes this point clear:

“I just wonder whether he could give us something there…He could play as that box-to-box midfielder.”

By utilising Havertz’s adaptability, Arsenal might gain an edge in their tactical game plan.

Comparing Havertz’s Numbers: Bundesliga vs Premier League

Critics often point to Havertz’s lackluster performance at Chelsea as a sign of concern. However, a direct comparison of his productivity in the Bundesliga and the Premier League tells a different story. At Leverkusen, Havertz scored 46 goals and delivered 31 assists in 150 appearances, proving his potential and sparking hope that under the right management, his true prowess can be unlocked.

One might wonder where Havertz would fit into the current Arsenal squad. Could he offer something on the right, giving Saka much-needed rest? Or could he slide into the central midfield role, offering an additional layer of creativity? It’s safe to assume that Arteta is pondering these questions and perhaps sees Havertz as a versatile puzzle piece that could fit into multiple positions.

The Fans’ Skepticism

Yet, the elephant in the room remains the skepticism from Arsenal fans. The Gunners have a history of signing Chelsea players, which hasn’t always worked in their favor.

However, the AFTV podcast host counters:

“Doing some digging, and I found this good quote from Thomas Tuchel that was doing the rounds… I see a kind of Dennis Bergkamp, Robin Van Persie, Berbatov kind of player…”.

If Havertz can even partially live up to this comparison, Arsenal fans might be in for a treat.

In conclusion, while this possible transfer has sparked numerous debates, Arteta’s tactical vision combined with Havertz’s versatility could potentially add a dynamic layer to the Arsenal squad. Only time will tell whether this becomes a reality and if so, whether Havertz will shine at the Emirates Stadium.

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