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Manchester United To Break “The Ronaldo Rule” for Top Star?

Manchester United’s High-Risk Rashford Gamble: Ignoring the Ronaldo Rule

The rumblings of an unprecedented contract for Marcus Rashford, one of Manchester United’s own, are making waves in the Premier League. It’s said to be a lucrative deal, positioning Rashford amongst the top earners not only in United but also across the league.

Breaking Bank for Rashford: The New Manchester United Deal

At 25, Marcus Rashford is on the brink of penning a deal that could take him from a £250,000 per week salary to a staggering £370k-a-week, joining the ranks of Jadon Sancho, David de Gea, and Raphael Varane. The past season saw Rashford bag a record 30 goals, eliciting a sigh of relief from United, who have managed to stave off interest from big clubs like Paris Saint-Germain.

A Necessary Gesture or an Act of Desperation?

While securing Rashford’s signature is an integral move for a club facing a shortage of attacking talent, the substantial pay hike hints at a possibly precarious situation. This decision is suggestive of a club dependent on their home-grown star. United’s wage bill is already a league high, despite a decade without lifting the Premier League trophy. This trend of inflating the wage bill instead of adopting more frugal tactics could spell trouble for squad building, player motivation and future takeovers.

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The Ronaldo Rule: A Broken Pledge

It’s clear that United have chosen to break their self-imposed ‘Ronaldo Rule’, an initiative designed to cap new contracts at £200,000, maintaining wage parity within the squad. This rule was instated in response to the significant pay gap that Cristiano Ronaldo’s wage had created in the past.

The Weight of Expectation: Rashford’s Challenge

Now on par with top earners like Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland and Mohamed Salah, Rashford will face heightened pressure to perform. His contemporaries possess a pedigree of leading their teams to glory, a feat Rashford will now be expected to replicate.

Although the England international has marked his presence among the league’s elite, his track record as a consistent goalscorer is still under scrutiny. Therefore, justifying his new contract, even considering his best form, presents a challenge.

The Trade-Off: High Risk for High Reward?

In the best-case scenario, Rashford maintains his upward trajectory, validating his status as one of the Premier League’s leading lights. In the worst case, United will be left with a player lacking the incentive to improve, burdened by an onerous long-term contract, right at a time when the owners are keen to demonstrate the financial viability of the club to potential buyers.

United have indeed secured Rashford’s services for the foreseeable future, but the pressure now lies with the player and coach Erik ten Hag. They’re tasked with restoring Premier League glory to Old Trafford or risk repeating the club’s recent history of mediocre performance and short-sighted financial planning.

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