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Postecoglou’s Tottenham Move Leaves Kennedy in Glasgow

Tottenham’s Postecoglou and Kennedy: A Decoupling in Football Strategy

An intriguing thread has surfaced surrounding the professional camaraderie of Ange Postecoglou and John Kennedy, two heavyweights of Celtic football.

John Kennedy: Secured at Parkhead?

As Ange Postecoglou waves goodbye to Glasgow’s Celtic, for the promise of Premier League’s Tottenham, it seems he leaves his assistant, John Kennedy, behind. Frank McAvennie, a stalwart Hoops forward, speculates that Kennedy’s decision to remain may not be voluntary but rather due to limited options elsewhere.

Kennedy, a familiar face at Parkhead since his arrival as a scout in 2010, has held a prominent position within the Celtic hierarchy for more than a decade.

Postecoglou’s Departure: New Dawn for Celtic?

The shifting sands of the Celtic structure were confirmed in the wake of Postecoglou’s Premier League transition. Brendan Rodgers, once a favoured son of Glasgow, has returned as the new manager of the Celtic squad, thereby triggering rampant speculation about Kennedy’s future.

Interestingly, however, the club stamped out the murmurings by confirming Kennedy’s retention. The entire coaching staff under the erstwhile boss will stay put at Celtic, a move Rodgers approves.

Upon his appointment on 19 June, Rodgers expressed his desire for Kennedy to remain within his team, insisting, “he will be very important moving forward.”

McAvennie’s Insight: Kennedy’s Future

McAvennie shed light on the possibility that the 39-year-old Kennedy may not have had the opportunity to switch to Premier League’s lush pastures.

McAvennie elaborated, “I do not know if he has been offered the job at Tottenham. Ange came over to Celtic on his own and there are good coaches down there. He will keep Ryan Mason on because he knows the club.”

He further surmised, “That is what he did with John Kennedy and I think he made him a better coach. I do not think it will take long for the coaches to understand what he wants to do.“

The Celtic-Tottenham saga, in particular, the Postecoglou and Kennedy dynamic, has undeniably raised eyebrows, providing ample fodder for sports analysts and football fans alike.

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