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New Spurs Goalkeeper: Guglielmo Vicario’s Signing Confirmed

As confirmed by The Athletic, Tottenham Hotspur have successfully finalised a deal with Empoli’s ace, Guglielmo Vicario. This move comes as a major stepping stone in Tottenham’s quest to shore up their goalie options.

Spurs Secure Vicario’s Signature

Vicario, a sturdy figure between the sticks at 26, has committed to a contract extending over five years. His move to Spurs comes at an estimated price tag of €20million (£17.2m, $21.9m). This decision displays Tottenham’s intent to make strategic investments to solidify their squad and meet their ambitious objectives.

On The Hunt for a New Guard of the Goal

The North London club have been actively scouting the market for a new shot-stopper this summer. This decision is majorly influenced by Hugo Lloris, the current first-choice keeper and club captain. With only a year left on his contract, Lloris expressed his receptiveness to explore the option of departing from the club earlier this month.

In their pursuit of a replacement, Brentford’s David Raya was considered a feasible option. However, Brentford’s £40million valuation for the Spanish international seemed steep, especially considering Raya also has just a single year remaining on his contract.

Vicario Emerges as the Optimal Option

These circumstances steered Tottenham towards Vicario, with a verbal agreement on his transfer being achieved last week. This signifies a key turning point for Tottenham, as they begin to piece together a team capable of taking on the challenges of the upcoming season.

Spurs’ New No. 13

Once his move is officially sanctioned, Vicario will don the No. 13 jersey for Spurs. This not only symbolises the beginning of a new journey for the talented goalkeeper but also marks a critical milestone in Tottenham’s ongoing quest to enhance their roster for the seasons to come.

Indeed, Vicario’s signing represents a notable chapter in Tottenham’s transition period. His addition to the team will inevitably bolster their defensive prowess and hopefully offer the stability that the club has been seeking. The fans now wait with bated breath to see Vicario in action and hopefully, celebrate the dawn of a new era of Tottenham Hotspur.

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