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Salvation in Serie A for Controversial Mason Greenwood?

Mason Greenwood: Controversial Striker’s Potential Italian Odyssey

In the unyielding panorama of football, Manchester United’s prodigious talent, Mason Greenwood, finds himself embroiled in controversy. As United initiate their pre-season exercises, Greenwood’s future at the Theatre of Dreams teeters precariously on the edge of uncertainty.

Earlier this year, the grave allegations of attempted rape and assault were withdrawn by the Crown Prosecution Service. Concurrently, the unsettling social media revelations of a woman alleging instances of violence also ceased. Thus, this potential storm surrounding Greenwood has temporarily abated. Yet, the question remains, will the Red Devils harness the talents of this young English international for the forthcoming season?

Man United’s Scoring Dilemma

Erik ten Hag, United’s skipper at the helm, could utilise the in-house resolution Greenwood presents to United’s striker shortage. The dearth of elite goal-scorers, coupled with their astronomical price tags and United’s own financial constraints, make the 21-year-old Greenwood an enticing option.

On the flip side, Greenwood could find himself cast away on loan, with the Serie A constantly emerging as a viable sanctuary.

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The Changing Face of Serie A

Once notorious for its dubious dealings, the Italian top flight has evolved. From signing the offspring of despots to giving match-fixing culprits a second chance, Serie A has walked a tightrope of morality. Recent years, however, have witnessed a transformation. Today’s Serie A is more conscious of its image and determined to champion meaningful causes. A significant one being violence against women.

Serie A, in conjunction with the WeWorld non-profit, aims to spotlight this grave issue. The last six seasons have seen Serie A dedicate a matchday to this cause. As recently as February, players and officials donned a streak of red face paint, symbolising physical abuse. On large screens, footballing luminaries like Alessandro Del Piero and Marco Materazzi echoed this sentiment, advocating for the eradication of violence against women from society.

The commitment to this cause isn’t fleeting, as Serie A president, Lorenzo Casini pledges to uphold the initiative introduced by his predecessor Paolo Dal Pino. Casini stresses the necessity to persistently shed light on this issue.

Stark Statistics Paint a Grim Picture

The collaboration between Serie A and WeWorld gained prominence in 2021’s winter after the upsurge in violence against women during the Covid-19 lockdown. A shocking rise of 119 per cent in daily calls to the 1522 helpline, a free service for female victims of violence, was reported by ISTAT, Italy’s National Institute of Statistics.

Marco Chiesara, president of WeWorld, stated that one in three women experience violence at least once in their lives. The haunting figures continue with 70 per cent of women facing some form of violence in the workplace, 40 per cent within their families or relationships, and more than 50 per cent on the streets.

The Football World Responds

Luciano Spalletti, Napoli’s 2022-23 Scudetto-winning coach, regularly utilised his press conferences to highlight these injustices. Commemorating victims of violence like Mahsa Amini and Giulia Tramontano, he used his platform to send a powerful message against violence.

Other instances have seen the second-division club, Genoa, face scrutiny for not suspending midfielder Manolo Portanova, sentenced to six years for group sexual assault. Bari’s club president Luigi De Laurentiis also initiated training for their youth sector to combat violence and gender discrimination, bullying and cyberbullying.

Italy’s Current Context

This is the current reality of Italy and its football clubs, who are now more attuned to these pressing issues than ever before. It’s in this scenario that Greenwood may find himself landing, with the weight of past accusations still looming. How will Serie A and its discerning audience accept the Manchester United striker? It remains to be seen.

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  1. The problem I have with this whole Greenwood saga is that he has been tried, convicted and punished by social media. It has torn away the civil right of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Yes the charges laid against him are abhorrent to every normal minded Human being, but she has chosen to forgive him and is even carrying his child. Now the rest of the world has to find away to forgive him and allow him to continue on with his life wherever that may be.

  2. One step further Colin, the charges were withdrawn leaving him with no case to face. IN LEGAL JARGON…NO CASE TO BE HEARD. For one, I’m not convinced that all is what it appeared to be particularly with what one can do with social media content.
    But what’s even more galling is the fact that United shamelessly pursued Ronaldo for his second stint at Old Trafford even after this fella was accused of rape and assault of an American in 2009. And was also accused of paying north of US$325,000 too said woman to make it go away. United stood by Maguire after he was found GUILTY of repeated bodily harm, attempted bribery , violence against public employees and sentenced to a jail term, suspended.
    The double standards are nauseating.


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