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Zaha-Gerrard £16m Deal Hangs in Balance

Zaha-Gerrard Negotiations Face Rocky Road Amidst £16m Saudi Transfer Turmoil

The Art of Negotiation: The Gerrard-Zaha Encounter

In the world of football, sometimes the thrill is not only found on the pitch but also in the strategic negotiations and player trades happening behind the scenes. Enter Steven Gerrard, the newly appointed Al-Ettifaq head coach, and Wilfried Zaha, the free agent renowned for his prowess on the field.

The two had convened for a face-to-face discussion regarding Zaha’s potential move to Al Ettifaq, a transfer worth a staggering £16 million a season after tax. The promising dialogue suggested a new chapter in Al-Ettifaq’s football narrative, with Zaha identified as a primary target for the coming season.

Unexpected Hurdles: Money Makes the Deal Stall

But as fate would have it, all that glitters isn’t gold. The dream deal is teetering on the edge of oblivion, chiefly due to discord emanating from Saudi officials. As representatives of Al-Ettifaq, these officials have expressed their indignation over attempts by Zaha’s advisors to squeeze more money out of the agreement reveal Daily Mail.

Reportedly, the officials have unequivocally told Zaha’s team that they won’t budge on their original offer. Consequently, the odds seem to be tilting towards Crystal Palace retaining their prized asset.

Al-Ettifaq’s Stance: Ransom or Fair Play?

Contrary to Zaha’s advisors’ ambitions, Al-Ettifaq has been firm about its stance. One Saudi source was quoted, “‘There is not a bottomless pit of money and we will not be held to ransom.'” The team could potentially bring on three world-class players for the same cost they’d bear to bring Zaha to Saudi soil.

Potential Future Outcomes: To Revive or Not to Revive the Deal

As it stands, the chance of Zaha moving to Saudi this summer looks slim. It’s a situation further complicated by a similar offer from Al-Nassr, which was withdrawn due to similar objections. Lazio and Fenerbahce have also made their bids, though less generous than a four-year deal at Palace.

With Palace’s £200,000-per-week contract extension no longer on the table, a new proposal stands as the most profitable if Zaha opts to stay in European football. Moreover, teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid and Napoli have also shown interest in acquiring Zaha’s skills.

For now, the decision lies with Zaha who will make his future clear post his honeymoon next week. One thing is certain, the coming days will reveal more about this high-stakes game of football chess, where each move is pivotal and can change the course of careers.

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