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Mohamed Salisu in the Spotlight

The Changing Tides at St. Mary’s

An offer has reportedly been made by Monaco for the Ghanaian international, Football Insider have revealed. This development comes as talks are progressing between the clubs, and optimism is brimming for a deal to be finalised.

The narrative unfolding at Southampton has been turbulent of late. After their lamentable relegation from the Premier League last season, it’s become inevitable that the club must bid farewell to several of their stars. It’s clear Salisu is amongst the hot list of departures anticipated this summer.

Everton’s Hunt for a New Star

In an interesting twist of fate, on May 11th, Football Insider reported that Everton had also harboured robust interest in securing Salisu’s services. Their quest for a left-sided central defender had led them to the 24-year-old, marking him as a prime candidate.

With Salisu’s contract with the Saints poised to expire in 2024, it’s apparent that the Southampton hierarchy may be coerced into letting him go at a discounted price, lest they risk the prospect of losing him for free.

Salisu: A Silver Lining in a Grey Cloud

Despite Southampton’s vulnerability, Salisu’s past season can only be characterised as a bright spot in an otherwise grim campaign. The defender logged a noteworthy 2,440 minutes across 28 appearances in the 2022/23 season, even notching up an assist to his name.

Only a single league fixture was missed by Salisu until the commencement of February, his presence only blighted by an unfortunate hip injury. This medical issue has kept him side-lined, his most recent appearance being in the thrilling 3-3 draw with Tottenham on March 18.

The Injury Saga: Selles Sets the Record Straight

Southampton manager Ruben Selles found himself fending off questions about Salisu’s attitude within the club. Unfazed, Selles clarified that Salisu’s absence was entirely injury-related, leaving no room for further speculation.

Selles defended his player, stating, “He’s an injured player. We cannot have an issue with the attitude if he is injured, so we talk about the players that are available.” With the transfer saga unfurling around the talented defender, his fate hangs in the balance, forever intertwined with that of Everton and Southampton.

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