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Arteta Confident in Partey-Rice Duo for Arsenal’s Season

Arteta Asserts Partey Crucial Role in Arsenal, Foresees Partnership with Rice

A Firm Future at Arsenal for Thomas Partey

Despite the swirling rumours that have trailed Thomas Partey’s future at Arsenal, Mikel Arteta, the club’s manager, unequivocally asserts his belief in the Ghanaian midfielder’s continuity at the club. Amidst interest from Saudi Arabian clubs and the recent record signing of Declan Rice for a hefty £105 million, The Athletic reports Arteta maintains unwavering confidence in Partey’s place in Arsenal’s plans.

Arteta, known for his tactical prowess and a keen eye for player potential, directly addressed the topic.  He revealed that every conversation he’s had with Partey leads to one conclusion: his readiness to stick with the North London club. Arteta expresses a lack of doubt or ambiguity in this matter, emphasizing, “For me, there’s nothing there at all.”

Absence, Appearance, and Affirmation

Although Partey did not initially travel with the squad for their U.S. tour, he caught up with them on Wednesday, a move that also saw the inclusion of Emile Smith Rowe. This highlights Partey’s continued integration and importance within the squad.

Partey’s contributions in the last season are undeniable, having made a substantial 40 appearances across all competitions. Despite the expiry of his deal looming in two years and the recent departure of fellow midfield mainstay Granit Xhaka to Bayer Leverkusen, the aura around Partey remains positive.

A Vision of Synergy: Partey and Rice

Arteta is not just enthusiastic about retaining Partey but equally optimistic about his potential synergies with newcomer Declan Rice. Rather than perceiving an overlap or conflict, Arteta is certain of the benefits that these two players can bring to Arsenal’s squad.

“Thomas Partey is a super important player for us and for me. We want him to be in the team, that’s for sure,” asserts Arteta. As for the duo’s compatibility on the pitch, the manager has it all figured out: “They can play together. That was in my plans.”

Arteta also justifies this philosophy with a broader view of squad improvement, stating, “If you want to improve the squad and have more quality we need players who can play together.”

Elevating Arsenal’s Midfield Game

In line with Arteta’s vision for a revitalised Arsenal, he emphasises the need for intra-squad competition to drive the team’s performance. The dynamic duo of Partey and Rice could be the spark needed to ignite this competitive spirit.

“We need players in the same positions who have to fight for their places and it’s something we haven’t had over the last few years,” says Arteta, justifying the ambitious acquisition of Declan Rice.

As we brace ourselves for the new season, it is clear that Mikel Arteta is not just betting on the talents of Thomas Partey and Declan Rice individually, but also on the collective strength they could bring to Arsenal’s midfield. It is this vision that Arteta hopes will propel Arsenal to new heights, and football enthusiasts will be keen to see how this strategy unfolds.

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