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Ten Hag’s New Captain: Fernandes Receives Maguire’s Blessing

Fernandes Assumes Captain’s Mantle, Echoes of Maguire’s Good Wishes

Manchester United’s linchpin, Bruno Fernandes, has come forward to share the heartening reaction of Harry Maguire, the world’s most pricey defender, after he was relieved of his captaincy duties. According to Fernandes, Maguire’s gracious response left him feeling supported, even in the midst of the unexpected change in the heart of Old Trafford.

When Maguire Passed the Armband

Fernandes, an outstanding midfielder hailing from Portugal, had filled the role of interim skipper at numerous points throughout the 2022-23 season whenever a leadership void on the field was apparent. With Maguire’s reduced standing under the leadership of Erik ten Hag last season, Fernandes has been officially entrusted with the captain’s armband on a permanent basis. Even though this development brought a sense of disappointment for Maguire, Fernandes affirms that the full endorsement of his predecessor remains steadfast.

Discussing Maguire’s response to the change, Fernandes explained, “He gave me congratulations and he said he is really happy for me. I understand his position is not the best at the moment. It has to be difficult for him but he came and said congratulations to me and I am happy about that because we have always had a good relationship.”

Ten Hag’s Team Meeting Reveals New Captain

In a move characteristic of Erik ten Hag’s approach, the Dutch manager called a team meeting to announce the decision regarding the captaincy. With everyone already cognizant of Maguire’s situation, the air was rife with anticipation over who would be appointed as his successor.

“He spoke in front of the whole group. He wanted to do it in front of everyone,” Fernandes recounts. “Obviously it’s a big honour and it’s something that I didn’t dream about. It’s over your dreams but it’s something for me and my family, because they have been with me all this time, and it’s a proud moment for everyone.”

Fernandes – A Captain Unchanged

Despite the upgrade in responsibility, the fiery Fernandes – now 28 and at the height of his footballing prowess – maintains he won’t dilute his intense character now that he dons the captain’s armband. His passion, discipline, and relentless work ethic have, according to him, played a significant part in Ten Hag’s decision to appoint him captain of Man Utd.

He stated candidly, “That’s why the manager chose me, because of what I was doing last season, the way he wants me to be. He likes the way I work he likes my discipline, he likes everything I give, so I don’t see why I should change.”

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