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Moyes’ Masterstroke: A New Era for West Ham’s Attack

The Moyes Masterstroke

David Moyes, the strategic mastermind behind West Ham’s attack, is orchestrating a domino effect of moves that could culminate in the acquisition of Gianluca Scamacca, Roma’s prime target for the centre-forward position. Scamacca, who recently returned to London after a brief personal visit to the capital, is keenly awaiting the outcome of these developments. The catalyst for this potential shift? Divock Origi, the Milan striker currently warming the bench.

The Origi Opportunity

Origi, a player who has previously showcased his skills on English soil with Liverpool, is now a peripheral figure at Milan. However, Moyes sees potential in the Belgian striker. Despite his hefty earnings of around 4 million euros, Moyes is confident that a return to England could reignite Origi’s passion and performance, reminiscent of his Liverpool days.

The Scamacca Scenario

Securing Origi could pave the way for Scamacca’s departure from West Ham. The Hammers are open to a loan deal with Roma, provided it includes a conditional obligation linked to appearances and Champions League qualification. The proposed purchase price hovers around 23-24 million euros, payable over 12 months.

The Broja Backtrack

Previously, Moyes had his sights set on Chelsea’s Armando Broja. However, concerns over Broja’s physical recovery from a ligament injury last December, coupled with Chelsea’s hefty 35 million euro price tag, have put this negotiation on the back burner.

Mourinho’s Welcome at Albufeira

Meanwhile, in southern Portugal, Roma’s players have arrived at the Estadio Municipale de Albufeira for their first training session. José Mourinho, ever the gracious host, personally welcomes each player with a handshake.

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  1. It’s not a master class it’s a disaster class from Moyes . As a former center back he has no clue how to create a decent offense . Westham’s summer transfer window has become a slap stick comedy of errors . Imagine the Three Stooges + 1 ( Moyes , Sullivan , Steidten and Noble ) , all pulling in different directions . Origi’s not worth it even for free . Keep Scamacca , Antonio and Mubama and dump Ings ( he needs a Zimmer Frame these days ) . No more ‘ has beens ‘ and ‘ never beens ‘ from Europe .

  2. Warmed the bench at Liverpool
    He does not cut the mustard for us hammers
    I put ings in front of him sorry no thanks


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