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Onana’s Unique Number 24 Man Utd Jersey: The Story Behind It

New Red Devil Onana Reveals Meaning Behind His Number 24 Jersey

Manchester United has announced the signing of Andre Onana, with the Cameroonian goalkeeper choosing the number 24 jersey as his signature. In an exclusive conversation with MUTV, Onana confirmed his preference for the number 24. “I just like that number. It’s my birthday. My date of birth. For me, it’s great, it’s beautiful,” he shared.

Sealing the Deal for £47.61m

The transfer was officially confirmed on 20th July, with Onana signing a five-year deal. The Red Devils agreed to pay an impressive £47.61m to Inter for his services. As part of the deal, the club retains an option for an additional year, offering a firm vote of confidence in the goalkeeper’s abilities.

A Surprise Choice for the Jersey

As David de Gea’s contract came to an end at Old Trafford, expectations were high that Onana would take on the prestigious number one jersey. However, Onana had other plans. He surprised fans and pundits alike by opting for number 24.

“I like this shirt because [in] this shirt, this number we have done a lot and I hope it will continue,” he added during his conversation with MUTV.

A Favourite Jersey Number: A Look Back

The number 24 jersey is not new to Onana. It was his jersey of choice during his stints at both Inter and Ajax. While at Eredivisie, he wore the jersey when he first joined the club. Even after a brief period wearing number one during the 2017/18 season, he quickly returned to his favoured jersey number the following campaign.

Onana’s Play Style & First Impressions of His New Teammates

During his first interview as a Manchester United player, Onana also delved into his style of play and his early thoughts on training with his new team.

“I’m very comfortable playing from the back, but it depends,” he said. “I think the most important thing is to recognise the situation and that’s what I do myself, read the situation, especially what the team needs in certain moments.”

Adjusting to the Team’s Needs

Onana spoke about the need for flexibility and strategy, which he sees as crucial to his role. “When we play, depending on who we play, sometimes you have the possession and sometimes not, so from there you have to be smart and try to help the team,” he explained.

Awe-Inspired by His New Teammates

He expressed great admiration for his teammates’ skills during their first training session together. “I had my first training session with them and it’s just amazing the quality here, it’s great,” he shared with MUTV.

Final Thoughts

Onana’s decision to pick the number 24 jersey gives us a fascinating insight into his personality and preferences. As he settles into his new role at Manchester United, fans and fellow players alike look forward to witnessing his performances on the pitch. His passion for the number 24 and his commitment to his team’s success paint a promising picture for the seasons ahead.

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