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On Course Again: Fabinho’s Move to Al Ittihad Progresses

A New Dawn for Fabinho – Saudi Arabian Sojourn Beckons

After a period of uncertainty and hushed whispers, Liverpool’s midfield dynamo Fabinho is once again in the spotlight. A £40m move to the Saudi Pro League’s Al Ittihad, initially shrouded in doubt due to financial hiccups, now appears to be back on the cards.

An Unexpected Pause in Fabinho’s Journey

As reported by The Times’ Paul Joyce, the past fortnight has been an emotional roller-coaster for Fabinho. His proposed switch to Al Ittihad was an open secret in the footballing world. Still, a sudden silence descended upon the proceedings, the anticipated announcement replaced by an eerie quiet.

Rumours of an impasse spread quickly, raising the spectre of a return to the AXA Training Centre. Liverpool, it seemed, was looking for some much-needed financial assurances. This brought an unexpected pause in the Brazilian’s journey to the Middle East.

Glimmer of Hope Amid the Uncertainty

Nonetheless, this week has seen the glimmers of hope start to break through the fog of uncertainty. The same Paul Joyce who had previously reported the stalemate has now pointed towards a “renewed expectation” of the transfer completion. The discussions, it appears, are back on the table.

Payment Snag – A Thing of the Past?

The standstill, as it turns out, was due to issues surrounding payment terms. A disclosure by Brazilian media outlet Globo Esporte shed light on the fact that the Saudi club was unable to provide the bank proof for the release of the £40 million needed for the transfer.

Today, however, these obstacles seem to be a thing of the past. Liverpool, ever pragmatic, would have sought a concrete payment plan before they considered proceeding. With Al Ittihad appearing to have their financial house in order, Liverpool can put the initial funds to good use and focus on their summer signings.

The Saga Nears its Conclusion

This lengthy departure process has undoubtedly taken a toll on Fabinho, coinciding with Jordan Henderson’s exit. It’s a period of significant change, diverting the club’s attention from incoming players and the impending new season that is just a fortnight away.

Yet, the protracted saga is nearing its conclusion. Henderson, Liverpool’s erstwhile captain, has been seen training with his new club, suggesting an official announcement is imminent. It’s a sign that change is on the horizon – both for Liverpool and Fabinho, who stands on the cusp of a new chapter in his career at Al Ittihad.

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