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Nottingham Forest’s Lingard in Legal Trouble: Man Utd Past Haunts Him

Lingard’s Run-In With the Law

In an unexpected turn of events, former Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard found himself on the wrong side of the law recently, leading to a driving ban. His brush with the law came as a result of a failure to identify the driver of his car when it was clocked speeding.

Lingard, a celebrated England international player, was compelled to plead guilty to the offence at Manchester Magistrates’ Court. The court learned that Lingard wasn’t behind the wheel of his Range Rover when it was caught speeding in August 2022. However, his lapse was in missing a letter requesting the details of the incident.

The 30-year-old England international received a £900 fine and a driving ban for six months, adding an extra layer of complication to his professional life.

A Misplaced Letter Leads to Legal Complications

Lingard’s legal representative, Frank Rogers, explained that a letter soliciting driver’s details was dispatched to the player’s Greater Manchester address. However, Lingard had already relocated to a rented dwelling in Nottingham, thus missing the crucial correspondence.

Rogers, shedding light on the situation, stated, “Mr Lingard has acknowledged that the system in place at that time just wasn’t sufficient to safeguard him and handle his post.” He further clarified that at the time of the speeding offence in Stretford, Lingard was in Nottingham and was not the driver.

Following the court session, Lingard, who refrained from commenting, is said to be deliberating with various clubs about his future on the pitch.

Lingard’s Playing Future?

Lingard’s football journey includes an impressive record of 32 England caps and a spot in the 2018 World Cup squad. His career shifted gears in 2022 when he transferred to Nottingham Forest after a two-decade-long stint at Manchester United.

Earlier this year, Lingard opened up about his struggles, revealing he resorted to drinking to cope with the stress of his career at United and the subsequent “abuse” from fans. He has since reflected on those times, questioning his actions and acknowledging that it amplified his struggles.

As the midfielder navigates through this legal maze, his future at Nottingham Forest and his return to England’s international team hangs in the balance. Lingard’s journey serves as a stark reminder of the many pressures that professional footballers face, both on and off the field.

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