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Adidas’ Green Signal to Greenwood: Another Chance?

Greenwood’s Return: A Decision Awaiting a Verdict

Manchester United appear to be on the cusp of an important verdict, as talks around reintegrating striker Mason Greenwood into the first-team dynamics at Old Trafford are reportedly taking a “positive” turn.

Greenwood has found himself out of the game since January 2022 due to charges levelled against him for rape, coercive behaviour, and assault. Though these charges were subsequently withdrawn, an internal review within Man Utd has been ongoing, the official outcome of which remains undisclosed.

The 21-year-old prodigy, whose highest Expected Transfer Value (xTV) soared to €77m, is diligently maintaining his fitness in solitary training sessions. However, his return to the pitch in the colours of the Red Devils remains clouded with uncertainty, as rumours of a possible loan deal float in the air.

Contemplating a No. 9 Option: The Adidas Dimension

As United ponder over their decision, the response from sponsors to Greenwood’s potential comeback will play a decisive role. Pre-emptive dialogues have already commenced with Adidas, a crucial partner, to discuss the possible scenarios.

The Sun recently reported that these preliminary talks are taking an optimistic path, indicating that the player’s past might not cast an unfavourable shadow on his potential return. An inside source relayed to the publication, “The initial signals from Adidas are positive. It’s difficult to envision a return without their endorsement. However, they have indicated that Greenwood’s return would not pose an insurmountable challenge.”

Ten Hag’s Stance on Greenwood: A Welcome Gesture

In the world of sport, it appears that Ten Hag, the team’s manager, is eager to reintroduce Greenwood to the squad. Ten Hag recently shared his thoughts on the matter, saying, “It’s a club decision and of course, I shared my opinions but it’s a club decision and we all have to accept that.”

Greenwood’s return could potentially alleviate the necessity for Man Utd to finalise a transfer deal for a No.9. The club is currently in the negotiation phase for acquiring Atalanta forward Rasmus Hojlund.

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  1. Despite what the fans who are against this think it’s ALL about the money, if Masons sponsors are OK with him playing again then he should get the chance to prove he’s still good enough to play for United, ETH may think he’s not the right type of player but he needs the chance to prove one way or another.


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