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Aubameyang Reflects on Difficult Chelsea Stin

Chelsea’s Unfortunate Stint with Aubameyang: A Detailed Analysis

Aubameyang’s Arrival to Stamford Bridge

September 2022 saw Chelsea secure the signing of Gabonese striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, following a scintillating start to the year at Barcelona. Aubameyang’s journey to Chelsea began with the revitalisation of Barcelona’s strike force, hitting 11 goals in 17 Liga games. This sparkling form was abruptly put to a halt when the arrival of Robert Lewandowski made him surplus to requirements.

A Disastrous Time at Chelsea

Aubameyang’s time with Chelsea turned into a nightmare. Despite his previous successes, the former Arsenal striker managed just three goals in 21 games for the Blues. The situation reached its tipping point when new boss Mauricio Pochettino decided to release Aubameyang from his contract’s final year, paving the way for his move to Marseille.

Aubameyang Speaks Out

Clearly still troubled by the experience, Aubameyang didn’t mince words in reflecting on his time at Chelsea:

“I think it’s simple to explain.,” he stated at a press conference as a new Marseille player. “The manner in which I was received by both the players and the staff, at Chelsea, the context was a bit different. Because I arrived at Chelsea in no small part due to Thomas Tuchel, and a week later, he had been sacked. So the two contexts were not at all similar, it was not easy for me, and that had an influence. From there I basically didn’t play anymore. And then later there were problems of a different nature that were not my fault.”

From Chelsea to Marseille: A New Chapter

With Marseille, Aubameyang begins a new chapter in his career, representing his fourth club in just 18 months. His past glories at Arsenal, where he led the line for four years, and his impressive record with Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund, prove that he remains a potent threat in front of goal.

Conclusion: Aubameyang Beyond Chelsea

Though his time at Chelsea may have been marred by a lack of success, Aubameyang’s prowess is not diminished. The striker’s past decade shows a consistent ability to find the net, and his move to Marseille may just be the fresh start he needs to rekindle his goal-scoring spark.

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