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Barca Eye Cancelo and Silva for Xavi’s New Vision

A Right Wing Reinforcement for Barca: The Pursuit of Silva and Cancelo

Joao Cancelo: The Barca Agreement

Joao Cancelo is more than a whispering wish for Barca; the defender does not have a ‘feeling’ with Guardiola and shows keen interest in landing in Barcelona. In fact, the wheels are already in motion. He has an agreement with Barca regarding conditions. This might just be the crucial move for the Catalan giants reveal Sport ES.

Bernardo Silva: The Dream Midfielder

Bernardo Silva, referred to as a ‘forbidden fruit,’ remains an ambitious pursuit for Barca. The winger is a priority, specifically to reinforce a position that Xavi wants a specialist to dominate. Even though PSG has actively tried to lure Silva in recent weeks, the ‘citizen’ box has firmly rejected all the offers.

Shoring Up the Squad

The start of the official competition is looming, and the Barcelona team is eager to make an impactful leap. Acquiring the services of both Cancelo and Silva is seen as a golden opportunity to fortify the team’s overall strength. With these two players, Barca believes they would take “a very important leap.”


Barca’s interest in Cancelo and Silva is more than mere speculation; it’s a calculated move to fulfil Xavi’s vision for the squad. The allure of Barca’s vibrant playing style may be just the charm needed to complete these deals. Cancelo’s agreement with Barca already speaks volumes, and Silva remains a tantalising prospect.

The pursuit of Cancelo and Silva could redefine Barca’s attacking prowess. A new era of thrilling football may be on the horizon at the Nou Camp, with the arrival of these two star players potentially serving as the catalyst.

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