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Burnley in Talks for Ramsey, Daramy and United’s Fernandez

Burnley’s Ambitious Summer Plans

Burnley’s Pursuit of Villa’s Aaron Ramsey

The dance of the summer transfer window has taken an intriguing turn as Burnley upped their ante in their chase for Aston Villa’s young sensation, Aaron Ramsey. The Premier League newcomers are not holding back, having raised their offer to a cool £12 million for the 20-year-old midfielder who showcased his talents last season on loan at Norwich City and Middlesbrough.

The Ramsey name is no stranger to Villa fans, with Jacob Ramsey having become a star at the club. Aaron’s departure would add a fascinating twist to the family’s tale at Villa.

“Burnley work on bringing in new recruit this summer,” the statement says, a clear indicator of the team’s ambitions. The energy is palpable as Burnley prepare for a long season, kicking off against Manchester City this Friday.

Manchester United’s Fernandez in Burnley’s Radar

Vincent Kompany’s Burnley is also eyeing Manchester United’s promising left-back Alvaro Fernandez, 20, as they seek to replace Ian Maatsen. While Maatsen is committed to Chelsea, stating, “I wish to fight for a place at Stamford Bridge this season,” Burnley’s hopes to seal the deal with Fernandez remain in the balance.

Beyond Ramsey and Fernandez

Burnley’s ambitions don’t stop with Ramsey and Fernandez reveal Daily Mail. Talks with Ajax are ongoing for the acquisition of Danish winger Mohamed Daramy, 21, for £12.9 million. The anticipation for a successful conclusion is building as the new Premier League season looms large.

This exciting chapter of Burnley’s recruitment drive promises thrilling days ahead for the club’s supporters.These moves signal a fierce determination to make an unforgettable mark on the Premier League’s landscape.

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