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Infinite Athlete Emerge as Chelsea’s Likely New Shirt Sponsor

A Familiar Connection: Infinite Athlete

With rumours and whispers giving way to a tangible lead, Infinite Athlete emerges as the likely contender for Chelsea’s sponsorship deal. The connection isn’t as new as it seems; it’s a relationship born out of Tempus Ex Machina, a company with whom Chelsea formed a seven-year partnership earlier in 2023 as per Football London.

Inside the World of Infinite Athlete

Infinite Athlete, a name synonymous with innovation, has a rich backstory. In April, Chelsea entered into a promising seven-year partnership with Tempus Ex Machina to power ‘innovative technology enhancements for the club and our global fanbase’. But Infinite Athlete’s reach stretches beyond.

A key development was the acquisition of Biocore, a biomechanics engineering firm led by Jeff Crandall. Their vision is clear, as they intend to provide Biocore’s proprietary technology to all partners, enabling them to ‘ingest new data streams in its player and health and safety work’.

The relationship with the NFL and PAC-12 highlights Infinite Athlete’s growing influence, with a mission that resonates with many:

“Our mission is to build an operating system for sports that powers infinite innovation and makes sports better for the fan, the game, and the athlete.

“Born out of the idea that the world can do better in all aspects of sports and live events – the fan, the game, and the athlete experience – Infinite Athlete’s goal is to create a single technological foundation across all major sports, upon which innovative sports technology and media products can be built.

“This foundation will combine and connect sports data from all sources, which will create infinite possibilities. Infinite Athlete was established in 2023 after the merger of Tempus Ex Machina and Biocore, LLC.”

A Partnership in Action

Chelsea’s collaboration with Infinite Athlete’s predecessor, Tempus Ex, has already paved the way for substantial technological integration across the club’s 5th Stand app, digital fan engagement, in-stadium enhancements, coaching, training, player health and safety, and match preparation.

The Future Beckons

While the ink is yet to dry on the agreement, the alignment of Chelsea with Infinite Athlete promises a confluence of sports, technology, and ambition. The partnership brings new opportunities and hope for a season filled with triumphs, both on and off the pitch.

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