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Chelsea Halt Juventus Talks Over Vlahovic Deal

Chelsea Walks Away

In a sudden and startling turn of events, Chelsea have opted to abandon their negotiations with Juventus for the exchange of Dusan Vlahovic with Romelu Lukaku. The reason behind this abrupt decision is nothing but a glaring €20m gap in the valuation of the Serbian striker.

Sky Sport Italia and others have shed light on this situation, unveiling Chelsea’s decision to inform Juventus of their complete disinterest in pursuing Vlahovic any further.

A Difference Too Big

More details suggest that Chelsea, having realised that the difference in valuation of the two players was too extensive, decided it was in their best interest to look elsewhere. Their original belief that the proposal of Lukaku plus €20m cash and another €5m in add-ons was reasonable hit a wall with Juventus’ unyielding stance reveals Di Marzio.

“Juventus were refusing to part with Vlahovic for less than Lukaku plus €40m in cash,” explains the scenario.

Differing Valuations

The two clubs are at odds, with differing perspectives on the worth of the players involved. Chelsea’s valuation of Lukaku is around €40m, despite Inter’s hope for a €35m deal, while Juventus considers Vlahovic’s worth at least €80m including add-ons.

“They therefore consider him to be still worth at least €80m including add-ons, especially as he is still only 23 years of age,” further adding weight to Juventus’s valuation.

The Road Ahead

While the talks have stalled, neither Lukaku nor Vlahovic are necessarily confined to their current clubs. Lukaku remains a target for Juventus, and Chelsea might redirect him to the Saudi Pro League, with the window open until September 20. Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich’s need for a striker might still turn heads in Vlahovic’s direction.

This complex and highly charged negotiation between Chelsea and Juventus over Vlahovic has not only ignited intrigue but also demonstrated the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of football transfers.

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