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Starfelt Departs Celtic: Celta Vigo’s New Signing Unveiled

Carl Starfelt Departs Celtic for Celta Vigo: A Comprehensive Look

In the bustling world of football, player transfers often make headlines, but few moves strike a chord as sharply as that of a central figure in a team’s recent success. Such is the case with Swedish central defender Carl Starfelt, whose departure from Celtic to join La Liga side Celta Vigo marks an end of an era in the Scottish Premiership (SPL).

Starfelt at Celtic: A Retrospective

Joining the Bhoys

Starfelt made his mark on Celtic soon after joining in July 2021 from Rubin Kazan for a fee of £4m. During his tenure, he played 87 times for the club and was an instrumental part of five domestic trophies, including last season’s historic Treble.

Key Achievements

A constant presence in Celtic’s defence, Starfelt’s role was vital in maintaining Celtic’s dominance last season. His commitment and ability on the field were pivotal in both domestic and international competitions.

The Move to Celta Vigo

Negotiations and Contract

The 28-year-old’s move to Celta Vigo came after being a substitute in the Scottish Premiership opener last weekend. Celta Vigo, managed by ex-Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez, has offered Starfelt a four-year deal. The fee remains undisclosed.

Manager’s Perspective

Celtic’s manager Brendan Rodgers was candid about Starfelt’s eagerness to move after the opening-day victory against Ross County. Speaking to BBC Sportsound last Saturday, he said, “He’s a player we’d like to keep but if he doesn’t want to be here, we have to close the deal. That’s something that’ll develop next week.”

He also explained the economic aspects, stating, “There are certain conditions that have made him think he will be going to one of the top leagues, and economically it’s hard for us to compete on that side, and obviously his partner is no longer here.”

Club Statement

In a heartfelt statement, the club conveyed their good wishes, “Everyone at Celtic wishes Carl Starfelt every success in his future career,” marking an amicable conclusion to the transfer saga.

Impact on Celtic

Replacing Starfelt

The departure of Starfelt has led Celtic to spend £4.3m on Polish centre-back Maik Nawrocki. Rodgers emphasised that if Starfelt left, recruiting a replacement would be essential.

A New Chapter

The departure of such a prominent player like Carl Starfelt surely marks the beginning of a new chapter in Celtic’s SPL journey. While the void left will be challenging to fill, the club’s pursuit of excellence is expected to continue, with fresh talents and strategies.


Carl Starfelt’s journey from Celtic to Celta Vigo is not just a transfer but a significant milestone in SPL’s recent history. His contribution to Celtic’s dominance will be remembered, and his new adventure in La Liga will be keenly watched. As reported by BBC Sport, this transfer signifies the ever-changing dynamics of football, where loyalty, economics, and ambition often intersect.

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