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Ten Hag’s Unexpected Top Pick for Centre-Back

Manchester United’s Defensive Dilemma: Maguire, Transfers, and… Sentimentality?

Ah, Manchester United. The club that keeps on giving… headaches. As we dive into the latest transfer rumours, it’s clear that the club is in a bit of a pickle, especially when it comes to the centre-back position.

1. The Sentimental Choice: Johnny Evans

Apparently, Ten Hag isn’t too thrilled about Johnny Evans being the fourth-choice centre-back. And who can blame him? At 35, Evans has just been relegated with Leicester. It’s like buying a vintage car that’s been in a few too many accidents. Sentimental? Sure. Practical? Not so much.

2. The Logical Choice: Todibo

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Todibo, currently playing for Nice (not Marseille, as some might mistakenly think), seems to be Ten Hag’s top pick. But with Pavard potentially in the mix, who knows? It’s like choosing between a sports car and a reliable sedan. Both have their merits, but only one will truly fit the bill.

3. The Unexpected Twist: Pavard

Speaking of Pavard, his name has been thrown around quite a bit lately. But is it genuine interest from Manchester United, or just a clever ploy by the player to secure a move? Only time will tell. But if we’re placing bets, my money’s on Todibo.

4. The Inevitable: Maguire to West Ham

And then there’s Harry Maguire. The man, the myth, the… well, let’s just say he’s expected to sign with West Ham. The hold-up? Money, of course. With Maguire looking for a hefty payout from Manchester United, it’s a classic case of “show me the money!” But at the end of the day, it looks like Maguire will be trading the red of Manchester for the claret and blue of West Ham.

In conclusion, Manchester United’s defensive transfers are shaping up to be as unpredictable as a British summer. Whether it’s the sentimental choice of Evans, the logical pick of Todibo, or the wildcard Pavard, one thing’s for sure: the transfer window is never dull at Old Trafford.

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