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Tottenham’s Transfer Focus: The Striker Shortlist

Spurs’ New Era: Striker Search Intensifies in the Wake of Kane’s Departure

A defining chapter has closed at Tottenham as the era-defining figure, Harry Kane, bids farewell, leaving Spurs with a war chest ready for investment. This may be key in avoiding the revolt of fans who held Kane as a symbol, arguably the best player in Tottenham’s history.

The Search Begins

The departure of Kane equips Spurs as influential players in the European forward market, a transfer pursuit that many, including Italian teams like Juve and Inter, must watch closely.

The Internal Solution: The Richarlison Factor

“Di m…”, Richarlison described his 2022-23 season, as injuries confined him to a mere single goal in the Premier League, in contrast to Kane’s impressive 30 last year. But at 26, he could be the number 9 that fits Postecoglou’s vision of high pressing and goals. The Brazil’s starting number 9, Richarlison is now a key asset as Spurs’ new starting centre-forward, set to debut against Brentford this Sunday.

However, the depth of the squad is an issue. With 19-year-old Alejo Veliz as the next option, a talent for tomorrow, Tottenham still desperately need a striker.

Casting: Lukaku, Taremi, Balogun, Orban and Vlahovic

Romelu Lukaku

One option is Romelu Lukaku, despite Juve’s hesitation over Chelsea’s 50 million euro asking price. But Big Rom’s desire to leave the Premier League and a misalignment with Postecoglou’s striker requirements create a dilemma. Still, for Spurs, Lukaku may be a low-cost solution.

Mehdi Taremi

At 30 million, Mehdi Taremi, the Iranian Inter is attempting to sign from Porto, presents another option for Spurs, one that does not expend the entire proceeds from Kane’s transfer.

Folarin Balogun

Arsenal’s Folarin Balogun, priced at 55 million euros, has many admirers and seems keen on Premier League chances. Spurs have shown interest in the 21-year-old American.

Gift Orban

Before Kane’s sale, the Spurs had been in talks with Gent for Gift Orban, the 21-year-old Nigerian who scored 9 goals in 10 games in his first season in Belgium. But this feels more like a project than immediate help.

Dusan Vlahovic

The Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic, valued at 80 million by Juve, could re-enter the news if Levy decides to invest in the 23-year-old.


The transfer winds blow fiercely around Tottenham as the striker search accelerates in Kane’s wake. Various options are being weighed, and as reported by Gazzetta Delo Sport, the Spurs are poised to make a decisive move.

The legacy left by Kane provides both an opportunity and an immense challenge. With the need for a striker paramount and the fan’s anticipation at an all-time high, Tottenham’s next move will be under a microscope. As a new chapter begins, all eyes remain on Spurs in this critical transfer window.

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