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Old Targets and New Hopes: The Centre-Back Saga at Old Trafford

A Disappointed Chase: Pavard’s Near Escape

Football Transfers reports that the corridors of Old Trafford have been abuzz with the prospect of a new defender strutting down the hallways of Manchester United’s iconic stadium. Erik ten Hag, the latest tactician at the helm, had eyes fixed firmly on one man: Benjamin Pavard.

The Bayern Munich centre-back, whose name has been sung by German fans alike, was made tantalisingly available for an attractive £30 million. At such a rate, the numbers seemed to make sense, particularly given the injury-prone nature of Varane and Lindelof, coupled with Harry Maguire’s persistent links away.

But alas, just as the stories began painting Pavard in a red jersey, Inter Milan slipped in, courting the French international closer to the San Siro. But, in a twist, it’s believed Pavard might remain a Bavarian, especially with whispers of Josip Stanisic’s imminent loan to Bayer Leverkusen.

A Blast from the Past: Jonny Evans to Return?

Now, it’s back to the drawing board for Man Utd, but there’s a name popping up that’s all too familiar: Jonny Evans. The 35-year-old Northern Irish defender, once a staple in United’s defence, signed a short-term agreement to assist the Red Devils during the pre-season. Matches against Lyon, Wrexham, Borussia Dortmund, and Athletic Bilbao saw Evans back in the thick of it.

While it seemed the reunion was brief, Erik ten Hag seems to see value in Evans’s experience. “At this moment, he isn’t under contract, but discussions are ongoing,” Ten Hag hinted recently.

But the big question lingers: is there a place for Evans in this new Manchester United? Departing in 2015, much has changed since then, including the level and pace of the Premier League. United’s legion of supporters might be hard-pressed to see him as a first-choice defender once more.

A Crossroad for the Red Devils

Erik ten Hag, known for his meticulous approach, is at a critical juncture. While Pavard would have been a statement signing, echoing intent and ambition, bringing in Evans speaks of pragmatism. There’s an underlying narrative here, of a club balancing its illustrious past with its ambitious future.

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