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Greenwood’s Shocking Move: Saudi Arabia Next Stop

A New Chapter?

In a move that has taken the footballing world by storm, Mason Greenwood’s potential transfer to Saudi Arabia has raised eyebrows. A trusted source within the league has expressed their astonishment to this development, hinting at the unexpected nature of such a move.

Greenwood’s Exit from Old Trafford

Mason Greenwood, the 21-year-old forward, is set to part ways with Manchester United. This decision comes in the wake of a six-month internal probe into his behaviour. While Saudi clubs have been known for their extravagant signings recently, Greenwood’s name has indeed been part of their internal discussions. Yet, the consensus within the league suggests that this might not be the most suitable move at this juncture.

The Unique Saudi Transfer System

Saudi Arabia’s approach to player acquisitions stands out. Rather than clubs negotiating directly, the league takes the reins, finalising deals before determining which club the player will represent. This system has its own set of challenges and intricacies, adding another layer of complexity to Greenwood’s potential move.

Rise of Women’s Football in Saudi Arabia

On a related note, the Saudi Women’s Premier League has been making waves. Lamia Bahaian, the first female vice-president of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, recently highlighted the monumental growth of women’s football in the country. With an impressive 86% surge in registered female players and a 56% increase in women’s clubs, the sport is truly flourishing. The upcoming second season of the women’s league, set to kick off on 11 October, symbolises a broader cultural shift, with women playing without head coverings and the presence of male spectators.

The Greenwood Controversy

Earlier in January 2022, Greenwood faced allegations related to content that surfaced online. Although charges, including attempted rape and assault, were dismissed in February 2023, the episode has left an indelible mark. Manchester United, in a recent statement, acknowledged the challenges of Greenwood resuming his career at the club. Both parties have mutually agreed that a fresh start away from Old Trafford would be in the best interest.

Furthermore, a group of female Man Utd fans voiced their concerns outside Old Trafford, emphasising the need for the club to uphold a strict stance against violence towards women. Greenwood, while admitting to past errors, firmly stated his innocence regarding the accusations levelled against him.

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