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From Anderlecht Prodigy to Burnley’s New Star: Delcroix’s Rise

Burnley’s Latest Acquisition: Hannes Delcroix Joins from Anderlecht

In a move that has caught the attention of Premier League enthusiasts, Burnley has successfully secured the signature of Belgium’s promising defender, Hannes Delcroix. The undisclosed fee remains a topic of speculation, but what’s clear is the anticipation surrounding this new addition.

A New Chapter for Delcroix

At 24, Delcroix has already showcased his prowess in the heart of defence. Committing to a three-year stint with Burnley, the centre-back is poised to make a significant impact. This transfer marks the 12th summer addition under the watchful eye of manager Vincent Kompany.

Speaking about his move, Delcroix expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The allure of joining such a commendable team was undeniable. The Premier League’s reputation precedes it, and I’m thrilled to be competing in arguably the world’s premier football competition.”

A Glimpse into Delcroix’s Journey

A product of Anderlecht’s esteemed youth system, Delcroix’s rise to the first team in 2018 was a testament to his talent and dedication. His time at Anderlecht was further enriched by playing under the guidance of Vincent Kompany, the club’s manager from 2020 to 2022.

On the international front, Delcroix’s contributions to Belgium’s youth squads have been noteworthy. His senior debut came in a friendly against Switzerland in 2020, a momentous occasion for the young defender.

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