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Report: ‘Horrendous’ – TV Presenter Calls Out Man United CEO

Mason Greenwood: Manchester United’s Handling Draws Riley Wrath

As one of the world’s most renowned football clubs, Manchester United are no strangers to headlines. However, the recent events surrounding their decision to part ways with Mason Greenwood have left fans divided and sparked fierce debate. From accusations of “gaslighting” to claims of “green lighting” abuse, the story’s intricacies mirror the complexities of a club with a rich history and fervent fanbase.

Rachel Riley’s Discontentment with United

Manchester United’s handling of Greenwood’s departure, following a six-month internal probe into his conduct, hasn’t sat well with many, including TV presenter Rachel Riley. Charged previously with attempted rape and assault, these were dropped in February, paving the way for United’s examination.

Riley, echoing the sentiments of many fans, penned, “Right decision, horrendous statement.” Delving further into the official statements, Manchester United affirmed that Greenwood “did not commit the offences in respect of which he was originally charged.” This, they stated, was based on the evidence they had at hand. Richard Arnold, the chief executive, took a similar stance in his open letter.

Mason Greenwood, on the other hand, admitted to making mistakes and owning up to them but clarified:

“I did not do the things I was accused of.”

But here’s where things get intricate. Manchester United’s possible paths for Greenwood’s reintegration were varied. As Arnold mentioned, his view “evolved” as they considered different outcomes.

In a backdrop where definitions and perceptions of truth are increasingly malleable, Riley labelled the club’s declarations as “gaslighting”. Furthermore, she opined that the club’s “overreaching statement” not only empowered online abusers but also inadvertently discouraged victims from reporting abuse.

Drawing on the symbolic weight of the club’s emblem, Riley stated on X, formerly known as Twitter: “The question before them [United] was not whether Mason Greenwood may be found guilty in a criminal, or even civil court, it was whether he’s fit to wear the United badge.”

Riley’s longstanding support for Manchester United is evident. However, her disillusionment with recent events is palpable.

Rachel riley: “I’ve never been more ashamed of the club,” – The News Agents podcast.

Timeline of Events

In January 2022, Greenwood was arrested over allegations linked to online content. These escalated to serious charges by October 2022. However, come February 2023, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped these charges, attributing it to key witnesses withdrawing and emergence of new material.

This led Manchester United to launch their own investigation, which culminated in three distinct statements: from the club, Greenwood, and an open letter from Arnold to the fans. The club notably took time, consulting with their women’s team, before finalising their decision on Greenwood’s future.

Arnold’s open letter shed light on the club’s “limited powers of investigation” and dependence on third-party cooperation.

However, the outside perspective offered by former player Gary Neville and Riley suggested that the situation warranted a more independent examination. Riley even opined that Arnold should reconsider his role, underscoring the complexity of the matter and the importance of involving trained professionals.

Call for Expertise

Riley’s insistence on the necessity of “trained, qualified, experienced experts” resonates with many. She highlighted the nuances of the situation and questioned the competency of Manchester United’s top brass in handling such a sensitive issue, especially without liaising with abuse charities.

“It is absolutely right a thorough investigation should take place. Yet experts could have used their knowledge to help United navigate the process so we could trust the outcome.”

In times of strife and controversy, football, like society, benefits from a transparent, informed approach. For Manchester United, one of the world’s most celebrated clubs, the Greenwood saga serves as a reminder of the weight their decisions carry, both on and off the pitch.

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  1. On Mason Greenwood, Man Utd lost it. Completely. Having been discharged and acquitted on ALL charges, there was absolutely no need for further investigation, let alone punishing the long-suffering lad who still wants to prove his mettle on the pitch. Or maybe Man Utd has no confidence in the English judicial process? This cannot be. Hopefully, there is no truth in the rumors of racism being peddled. This is very shameful.

    • Complete and utter nonsense. He wasn’t discharged or acquitted.

      He is a horrendous individual and does not deserve a career.


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