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Journalist: Al Ittihad Up The Ante with $100m for Liverpool Icon

Mohamed Salah: In The Midst of a Historic Offer from Al Ittihad

Mohamed Salah has, over the years, carved a niche for himself as one of football’s most illustrious stars. His consistent top-tier performances for Liverpool have made him a prime target for clubs globally. Saudi Pro League side, Al Ittihad, is one such club, seeing him as a precious gem to elevate their league’s prominence in the football world. While there have been persistent rumblings about his possible move away, Liverpool has, until this point, firmly held their ground.

Al Ittihad’s Undeterred Pursuit

However, recent revelations suggest that Al Ittihad is not one to be easily deterred. As reported by Rudy Galetti on Twitter, the Saudi Pro League side has sent a staggering offer for the Liverpool forward.

“Al Ittihad don’t give up for Salah,” says Galetti. “The club sent a huge offer (more than $100m [£78m]) to convince especially Klopp – who rejected the idea of his farewell so far – to let him go.”

Should Liverpool accept this colossal proposal, it would be etched in history as the Saudi League’s most expensive deal. Yet, despite these relentless overtures and the staggering amounts on the table, Salah’s agent has repeatedly dispelled such speculations.

A Shock on the Horizon?

Could we be bracing ourselves for the football world’s most astonishing move? If Salah were to depart Liverpool now, it would undoubtedly send shockwaves through the football community.

There is a lingering sentiment that, in a year’s time, the tables might turn. Should Liverpool not reclaim their prestigious spot in the football hierarchy this season, Salah might reconsider his standing. However, as things stand today, Salah’s unwavering focus remains on Liverpool.

The Egyptian King’s Current Form

Highlighting his commitment to Liverpool, Salah has kicked off the season on a promising note. With a Premier League goal and an assist to his name within just two games, his form remains impeccable. Despite his momentary discontent at being replaced against Chelsea on the opening day, the 31-year-old seems content and committed.

Concluding Galetti’s revelation, it’s inferred that Al Ittihad awaits Liverpool’s response to their groundbreaking offer. And if history and club loyalty are anything to go by, that answer might be succinct and unmistakable: No.

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