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Report: Premier League Forward to Embrace Roma

Roma’s Anticipation: Lukaku’s Imminent Arrival to the Capital

Chelsea’s Lukaku Sets Sight on the Roman Coliseum

Romelu Lukaku, once Chelsea’s colossal signing, appears set to ink his signature with Roma for the forthcoming campaign. Having rejoined the Blues in a £97.5m switch from Internazionale in 2021, his subsequent journey has been an intricate blend of highs and lows.

From London’s Blue to San Siro’s Return

A challenging comeback season in London, falling short of the league’s double-figure goal landmark, prompted a loan return to the San Siro. Inter, with keen eyes and an appetite for the Belgian, considered revisiting their former talisman. Juventus too, gave the thought a dance. However, Roma, in an adventurous fashion, gears up to present Lukaku with a familiar face: Jose Mourinho, his ex-commander from Manchester United days.

“Tomorrow I will fly to Rome to sign,” voiced Lukaku, filled with anticipation, addressing the Belgian press (as cited by The Sun). This marks the third Mourinho-Lukaku confluence, reminiscing their brief rendezvous during the tactician’s encore at Chelsea.

Roma’s Weekend Hustle and Lukaku’s Potential Impact

While all these boardroom dramas unfold, Roma’s matchday heartbeat pulsates with uncertainty. Their recent defeat to Verona laid bare the needs in the attacking department. The Giallorossi, led by Andrea Belotti and Paulo Dybala, left Verona devoid of goals, succumbing to a 2-1 reverse.

Lorenzo Pellegrini, Roma’s esteemed leader, when questioned about Lukaku’s potential arrival, diplomatically voiced, “I don’t know what Lukaku would bring, but there are those who are working to make it happen,” (as reported by Football Italia). Pellegrini’s pragmatic tone hinted at waiting for the move’s materialisation before speculating its potential fruits.

Verona’s Ondrej Duda delivered the initial blow in just the fifth minute, followed by Cyril Ngonge’s first-half finish. Roma managed a response via their recent acquisition, Houssem Aouar. However, the game’s fate was sealed, even with Verona reduced to 10.

Lukaku: The Missing Puzzle Piece?

Given Roma’s present injury qualms, Lukaku’s inclusion seems paramount. Dybala’s thigh concerns post-Verona and ex-Chelsea frontman, Tammy Abraham’s existing knee woes paint a challenging picture. As the injuries tally, the allure of Lukaku’s boots gracing the Roman turf becomes irresistible.

And as reported by Daily Mirror, Lukaku’s tale continues, promising a blend of past recollections and hope for the future.

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