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Richard Keys: Salah is Going to Saudi

The Whispers Behind Closed Doors

“Messages were being received from people bang in the middle of the deal,” Richard Keys revealed on a recent Sunday at beINSPORTS. The atmosphere was electric, and the news was unexpected but not entirely surprising. Medicals were being scheduled, and while Jurgen Klopp might be playing coy, Richard Keys suggests that there’s “oxygen in the story.”

The Financial Equation: Liverpool’s Golden Opportunity

“If I’m Liverpool, I’m selling,” Keys opines. The numbers make sense. An offer between £80m and £100m for a 31-year-old Salah, who’s currently on a £350,000 weekly wage, is nothing short of a financial masterstroke for Liverpool. The Egyptian has been a loyal servant to the club, but as Keys puts it, “It’s madness. Take it.”

The Complex Nature of High-Profile Transfers

Keys cautions, “Please don’t run away with the idea that I’m saying the deal is done. It isn’t.” Transfers of this magnitude are intricate puzzles with multiple moving parts. While the buzz suggests that the deal could be close, it’s equally plausible that it could stall. But as Keys assures, “if it’s not now, it will eventually get done.”

Salah’s Dilemma: A Return to Roots?

Keys raises an intriguing point: “It’ll depend on how much Salah wants the move. Remember – he’s coming home.” With Liverpool out of the Champions League, Salah might be contemplating his next chapter. Is he looking at the recent win against Newcastle as a new dawn or a fitting swan song?

The Saudi Vision: A Statement of Intent

Keys, who has a deep understanding of Middle Eastern football, believes that Salah’s move would be “a massive statement” for the Saudi League. “No-one should underestimate what a hot bed of football the Middle East is,” he says. The Saudis are not just dipping their toes in the water; they are diving headfirst with a long-term strategy, possibly even eyeing a 2030 World Cup bid.

The Changing Tides of Football

Keys couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony during Klopp’s press conference. “How dare a league come along and chuck money about,” was the implied sentiment. Keys retorts, “Really? You mean like the PL has done for 30 years?” The Saudi League’s ambitions are not an anomaly; they are a reflection of football’s evolving landscape.

The Inevitable: Two Certainties in a Sea of Unknowns

“Only two things are certain right now,” Keys concludes. “Salah will be part of the Saudi’s planning – and they are not going away.”

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