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Why Goldbridge Thinks Man Utd are in Trouble

The Goldbridge Perspective: Man Utd’s Loss to Arsenal and the Ten Hag Equation

A Closer Look at the Defeat

“Manchester United lose 3-1 to Arsenal,” Mark Goldbridge begins, not one to shy away from the uncomfortable conversations. The loss is a bitter pill to swallow, especially as it plunges Man Utd further down the Premier League table. Goldbridge doesn’t mince words: “Manchester United’s transfer window was not good.” He points out the lack of quality in the team, citing the absence of key players like Mason Mount and the late acquisition of Amrobat.

The Ten Hag Question

Goldbridge’s analysis raises questions about the suitability of Ten Hag for Man Utd. The defeat to Arsenal exposes the gaps in the team that Ten Hag needs to address. “We end up with Maguire and Evans at Center back,” Goldbridge laments. The absence of a strong center-back pairing was evident, and it’s a gap that Ten Hag will need to fill if he is to steer Man Utd back to its winning ways.

VAR and Officiating

“I’ve spoken a lot on there about VAR and bad officiating,” Goldbridge states. He acknowledges that while some may argue that Man Utd were unlucky, he believes that the officiating was fair. “Fair play to VAR for pulling it over,” he says, referring to a controversial penalty decision. Goldbridge’s stance on VAR is clear: it did its job, and there’s no room for excuses.

The Arsenal Factor

Goldbridge gives credit where it’s due. “Arsenal have got to be happy with that,” he says, acknowledging that despite not playing their best, Arsenal managed to secure a win. “Winning when you’re not playing that well is massive,” he adds. Goldbridge’s assessment of Arsenal is balanced, recognizing their strengths while also pointing out areas for improvement.

Final Thoughts

Goldbridge leaves us with a sobering thought: “United are in trouble, six points from 12, 11th place.” The defeat to Arsenal is not just a one-off game but a reflection of the deeper issues plaguing Man Utd. As Ten Hag grapples with these challenges, the fans, like Goldbridge, will be watching closely, their hopes tinged with a dose of realism.x

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