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Report: Antony Omitted from Brazil Squad Amid Allegations

Antony’s Uncertain Future at Manchester United Amidst Controversy

Manchester United’s talented winger, Antony, finds himself at the centre of a storm, facing grave allegations from his past which have caused the Samba nation to act. The air at Old Trafford must be thick with tension, and the hearts of fans heavy, as they grapple with another controversy following the Greenwood saga just last month.

A Sudden Omission from Brazil Squad

The Brazilian football federation made the bold decision to omit the 23-year-old from the national team. Their statement was clear and concise, stating that Antony had been pulled out after certain “facts became public” which certainly “need to be investigated”. Brazil’s decision appears to be influenced by a report from UOL, a reputable Brazilian news outlet, which unveiled these allegations earlier this week.

Allegations Surfaced

The specifics of the accusations are undoubtedly troubling. Antony is charged with assaulting his ex-partner, Gabriela Cavallin, “with a headbutt” in a Manchester hotel. This alleged altercation has left her needing medical attention. Further, she claims that an incident resulted in damage to a silicone breast implant, leading to a necessary surgical intervention.

Antony’s Firm Denial

In the face of adversity, Antony took to social media, decisively denying the accusations. He expressed, “I can calmly state that the accusations are false and that the evidence already produced and the other evidence that will be produced demonstrate that I am innocent of the accusations made.” He further placed his faith in the police investigation to shed light on the truth.

Greater Manchester Police have acknowledged these accusations and ensured that their enquiries are ongoing. But for now, they remain tight-lipped, adding no further comments.

On the club front, Manchester United maintained a similar stance. When reached out by BBC Sport for a statement, the response was clear: no comment.

Echoes from the Recent Past

This incident unfurls shortly after Manchester United’s internal investigation into forward Mason Greenwood concluded. Greenwood, who had charges, including rape and assault, dropped in February, eventually transferred to Spanish side Getafe.

Brazil Moves On

While the off-field drama continues, on the pitch, Brazil is focused on the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. As Antony steps back, Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus is set to don the Brazilian jersey against Bolivia and Peru.

Manchester United and Brazil will be watching closely, hoping the truth swiftly emerges from the shadows.

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