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Report: Al-Ittihad’s Bid Might Change Anfield’s Future

The Clock’s Ticking for Liverpool: Mo Salah and the Al-Ittihad Saga

In the echoing corridors of Anfield, a murmur grows. It’s not about the Merseyside weather or the latest Scouse delicacy, it’s about a pharaoh, and the possibility of his exit from the hallowed red halls. Mo Salah, Liverpool’s talisman, finds himself caught in the tug-of-war between his current home and the lure of the Saudi Pro League.

A Star in High Demand

Reported by 90Min, Al-Ittihad are relentless in their pursuit of Salah. Initially, they plotted for a 2024 move for the Egyptian maestro, but now? There’s talk that they’re hoping to accelerate plans to this very year.

Salah’s stock in the Saudi Arabian football world is unparalleled. They view him as a crowning jewel, a player to elevate the league’s stature even further. This fervour is hardly surprising, given Salah’s incredible exploits on the pitch.

The Reds’ Response

Amidst the mounting interest, there’s been an underlying sentiment of unrest. Following Jordan Henderson’s transfer to Al Ettifaq in July, the decision to overlook Salah for the captaincy raised a few eyebrows. Some of Salah’s allies in football circles questioned Jurgen Klopp’s management decisions regarding the forward.

However, Klopp’s stance is unwavering. He has stated, time and time again, his reluctance to part ways with the forward. In his eyes, Mo Salah is irreplaceable.

The Saudi Bid

But what’s compelling in this story is the involvement of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). As the owners of Al-Ittihad and other major teams in the league, their commitment to securing Salah is palpable. The acceleration in talks over the past weeks has been testament to their intent.

Even when Liverpool rejected a verbal offer of £150m, Al-Ittihad’s resolve didn’t waver. As 90Min reports, Al-Ittihad are even prepared to shatter the £200m world transfer record for Salah. The vision? To make Mo Salah the highest earning footballer globally, outstripping even Cristiano Ronaldo’s lucrative Al Nassr deal.

Down to the Wire

With the Saudi Pro League transfer deadline looming on Thursday evening, the clock is ticking. Al-Ittihad remains bullish. Their belief? Salah is keen on the move, and it’s just the agreement with Liverpool’s owners, FSG, that stands as the last hurdle.

As sources close to the negotiations divulge, Al-Ittihad is ready to work tirelessly, right up to the deadline, to ensure they have Salah’s signature on the dotted line.

And so, as Liverpool fans hold their collective breath, the question remains. Will the pharaoh depart his kingdom, or will he remain to script more tales of glory in the famous red?

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