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Why the Sancho-Ten Hag Drama Reveals Man Utd’s Real Problem

The Sancho-Ten Hag Saga: A Symptom of Man Utd’s Deeper Issues

The Fallout Between Sancho and Ten Hag

Mark Goldbridge of United Stand didn’t mince words when discussing the recent drama between Jaden Sancho and Eric ten Hag at Manchester United. “You’ve basically got mutiny in the football club again,” he said. The tension between the player and the manager has become public, with both parties releasing statements. This situation is not just a one-off event but a symptom of the deeper issues plaguing Man Utd.

Ten Hag’s Justifiable Decision

According to Goldbridge, Ten Hag was asked why Sancho and Scott McTominay were not involved in a recent game. Ten Hag’s response was straightforward: “Performances in training. We didn’t select him. You have to reach the highest level every day at Manchester United.” Goldbridge supports Ten Hag’s decision, stating, “Eric ten Hag has got every right to pick the team.” The manager’s job is to manage, and if Sancho’s training performance isn’t up to par, then he shouldn’t be selected, regardless of his reputation or salary.

The Real Culprit: Man Utd’s Board and Ownership

The issue goes beyond a player-manager spat. Goldbridge points out that the real problem lies with the board and ownership. “It’s the ownership, it’s the board, it’s the Murdochs, it’s the Arnolds who say to Ten Hag, ‘you can’t sell that player,’ and create the player power vacuum that we’ve seen before,” he said. Managers like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp would never find themselves in such a situation because their clubs back them fully.

The Manager Must Manage

Goldbridge emphasizes that the manager must be allowed to manage. “There’s no point in having a manager if you don’t let them manage,” he stated. Whether you agree with Ten Hag’s decisions or not, he should be allowed to make them. If he wants to get rid of certain players, the board should back him, just as other top clubs back their managers.


The Sancho-Ten Hag drama is a mere reflection of the deeper issues at Man Utd. Until the board and ownership change their ways, such internal conflicts will continue to undermine the club’s success. As Goldbridge aptly puts it, “You’ve basically got mutiny in the football club again.”

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