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From Foxes to Red Devils: A Defender’s New Chapter

Evans Returns: The Red Heartbeat at Old Trafford

When the fabled halls of Old Trafford echo with history, Jonny Evans’ return to Manchester United carries with it an emotional cadence that resonates with both player and fans alike.

The Unexpected Comeback

The seasoned defender, Jonny Evans, expressed his exhilaration as he donned the Manchester United shirt once more. After sealing a surprise return on the recent transfer deadline day, Evans found himself stepping onto the pitch as a late substitute during the club’s recent clash against Arsenal.

“It’s hard to put into words,” he admitted about his renewed debut to BBC Sport. “It was obviously an amazing experience and feeling to put the shirt on again and get back out on to the pitch. I wasn’t expecting to come on, but with a few injuries in defence, it all came about faster than I’d imagined.” 

A Glorious Past and an Optimistic Future

Fresh off relegation with Leicester City, Evans embarked on his second journey with Manchester United, initially signing for a short-term stint during the pre-season. His outstanding performance during the friendly matches couldn’t help but catch the eye of manager Erik ten Hag, which culminated in a one-year contract for the star where he previously celebrated the pinnacle of club football glory, securing three Premier League titles and the esteemed Champions League trophy.

In an introspective moment, Evans revealed his astonishment at this twist in his career. “It is something that has come up quite unexpectedly. I’ve been very fortunate to play a long time in the Premier League. Hopefully, I can get more of those matches and test myself in international games.”

Deep-rooted Ties to United

The depth of his connection with Manchester United is not just professional. Evans’ journey with the Red Devils began at their academy, laying the foundation for an impressive eight-year stint in the first team. After diversifying his football journey with spells at West Brom and Leicester City, where he savoured FA Cup glory, his affinity for Manchester United remained unwavering.

Evans’ bond with the club extends beyond the football pitch. As a lifelong United supporter, and with ties like his wife Helen’s association with the club’s TV station, his return has been that much more poignant. He reminisced, “I have always been a United fan. I’ve big connections with the club over the years. Manchester United will always be with me.”

Leading with Pride: The International Stage

However, before he can once more engrave his name into Manchester United folklore, Evans has another prestigious duty ahead. He’s gearing up to captain Northern Ireland in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. The first challenge lies in Slovenia’s Stozice Stadium in Ljubljana, followed by an encounter with Kazakhstan.

With Northern Ireland currently in a challenging position in their group, Evans emphasized the importance of these fixtures. “Playing for my country again is a huge honour. These are two big tests for us, and we want to go into the group with something to play for.”

Evans still harbours fond memories from 13 years ago when Northern Ireland triumphed over Slovenia. Despite not playing due to injury, the euphoria of the win was amplified as his brother, Corry, netted the winning goal. “I was buzzing for Corry on the day. It was a memorable night,” he said with a reminiscent glint in his eye.

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