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Why Gundogan Chose Barcelona Over Arsenal

Barcelona’s New Jewel: Gundogan’s Dream Move

A Dream Realised

In the midst of summer transfer talks, the whispers were loud – where would Manchester City’s stalwart Ilkay Gundogan land next? As the Premier League was left speculating, the heart of the matter was rather simple: Barcelona was where his childhood dreams lay.

“I’m honest. And many people don’t know this: In the end, it wasn’t about a year or two. It was also my childhood dream to play for FC Barcelona,” Gundogan confessed in a heartfelt revelation to German outlet BILD. This coming from a man who had just had a triumphant, treble-winning season with Manchester City.

Deciphering the Deal

The rumour mill had been fervent with conjecture. Gundogan, after a sparkling seven-year tenure at the Etihad, had declined a contract extension. Many pondered over the potential reasons. Was it the length of the contract? Manchester City had reportedly tabled a one-year deal for the former Borussia Dortmund maestro. However, Gundogan put those rumours to bed: “There was no problem with the running time. City waited a relatively long time until the talks really intensified. If this had happened a little earlier, the situation would have been different.”

Arsenal’s Lost Chance

It’s no secret that Arsenal had their sights set on Gundogan. One might suspect the guiding hand of Mikel Arteta, given his close workings with Gundogan during his days on Pep Guardiola’s coaching ensemble. Although they missed out on the German international, Arsenal still had a standout summer, bringing West Ham’s dynamo Declan Rice to the Emirates for a club-record £105million.

An Affectionate Adieu

Despite now gracing the fields of LaLiga, Gundogan hasn’t forgotten his English roots. The midfielder shared, “So far I’ve watched almost every game of my former club on TV.” His ties to Manchester remain strong, as evidenced by a farewell bash thrown in collaboration with Riyad Mahrez. It was an event graced by many familiar faces, marking an affectionate end to his chapter at Manchester City. “That was a very nice goodbye. And contact with ex-colleagues and coaches will certainly continue,” he added.

In the heart of Catalonia, Barcelona fans have now welcomed a player not just joining for the fame or the money, but fulfilling a boyhood fantasy. As reported by The Mirror, it seems the allure of the Blaugrana jersey remains as potent as ever.

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