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Ultimate Club Rivalries in all of Premier League History

The Premier League is the most captivating league in the entire world. It was founded in 1992 and ever since, this league has been the battleground of intense matches, unseen rivalries, and unforgettable memories.

Even today, the heated clashes of football descendants shape the league and help in the identification of intense matches. As the EPL descends to its climax, we will find long continuing rivalry clashes once again. It can be a very good opportunity to put your predictions, analysis, and loyalty, to test from the Betway sports betting platform.

Most of us football fans will remember the clash between Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger and Manchester Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. And since then we have seen many iconic and fearsome disagreements between players in the field. In this article, we will check out those intense must-watch matches in the Premier League.

1. Manchester City vs Manchester United

There was a time when the contest between the City and the United was just a mere regional contest. But over time, these two teams when up against one another deliver the most fearsome matches in all of England’s football history.

Now both teams are formidable contenders for the Premier League Cup, and they fight for supremacy. Over time, these two have developed their own strengths and reshaped their team to form a formidable opponent. A fight between the City and the United is a must-watch match in every Premier League.

2. Chelsea vs Arsenal

A match between Chelsea and Arsenal is always marked by high stakes and unpredictability. There is no telling which player from which team will hit the back of the net. Though a match between these two teams, is not as traditional as others, it is definitely a blood battle.

The fact that both teams often target the top-4 position and then for the trophy, matches between them are more intense. As a result, both teams when fights for their survival in the last stages of the league is certainly an iconic showdown.

3. Manchester United vs Liverpool

There hasn’t been a single day, a match between these two teams didn’t hit the news. Perhaps, it can be said that it is the most iconic match in football history. There is nothing like a match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

The two industrial cities hold 39 league titles together, and their rivalry goes deep in the history of football. As a result, like-minded pundits and fans fuel this rivalry which even transcends the Primer League. This historic battle is a must-watch match be it any leagues or stages.

4. Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal

It is not just a football match. Perhaps it will be best said a fight for supremacy in their geographical location. The matches between Tottenham and Arsenal transcend to that of the Premier League.

The players for both teams fight with their fierce pride and unwavering loyalty to their teams. A match between these two local adversaries can’t be missed to know which team will dominate their area for the next few months.

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