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Report: Premier League Forward Faces Emotional Battle Off Field

Richarlison’s Personal Struggles Amidst On-Field Pressures

Off-Pitch Challenges Echo On-Field

While Tottenham’s Richarlison has demonstrated unyielding dedication on the pitch, the Brazilian forward has recently opened up about the emotional turmoil he’s been battling away from the footballing lights. Following Brazil’s convincing 5-1 triumph over Bolivia, images of the striker, visibly emotional and in tears, resonated with fans globally.

“Getting the things that were happening off the pitch out of my system,” the forward articulated, shedding light on the reasons behind his poignant reaction.

A Season of Struggle

The £60m acquisition from Everton hasn’t found life at Tottenham as fluid as expected. A return of only four goals from a hefty 40 appearances speaks volumes of his on-field challenges. Yet, as reported by BBC Sport, it’s his candid admission of facing turbulent times off the field that provides greater context.

“I went through a turbulent time off the pitch during these past five months,” Richarlison shared with O Globo, a Brazilian daily. He added, “Now things are a bit more stable at home. People who only had their eye on my money are no longer close to me.”

Seeking Support and Looking Forward

Recognising the pressing need to address his mental well-being, Richarlison intimated about his intentions to consult a psychologist upon his return to England. “That’s what it is about, to come back stronger,” he remarked, showcasing a resilient spirit.

Further insights from O Globo hinted at a potential split between Richarlison and his long-standing agent, Renato Velasco. However, for Richarlison, the on-field experiences, including the missed opportunities in key matches, weren’t the core of his disheartened feelings. Instead, he pointed towards external pressures and influences from those once close to him.

Focus on the Road Ahead

With Brazil scheduled for critical World Cup qualifiers against Venezuela and Uruguay this October, Richarlison remains optimistic. “I think I will be part of the next (Brazil) line-up – that’s what I’m working towards,” he voiced, asserting his commitment to both national and club duties.

While Tottenham, currently sitting pretty in second in the Premier League, prepare to face Sheffield United, Richarlison has his sight set on acclimatising and finding his stride. “It’s about doing a good run at Tottenham. I’m going to sit down and talk to them. I need a good run, get into the flow of play and settle in,” he concluded, epitomising his dedication to turning things around.

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