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Liverpool, Villa, Barcelona: Race for Wing Talent Heats Up

Williams, Liverpool, and The Future of Football

In the historic San Mamés, the absence of Nico Williams against Cádiz CF resonated deeply. The cause? An unfortunate injury to the adductor in his right leg during his time with the Spanish national side against Cyprus.

Injury Woes and The Ever-Present Calendar

Jon Uriarte, a well-known Indautxu businessman, voiced his concerns on Gol TV. “It is a shame that he was injured with the Spanish team. Due to the calendar, it’s distressing that a player, especially when another entity pays his wages, is injured representing elsewhere. Perhaps we need to rethink this calendar,” he opined.

A Future Awaits – Barcelona, Villa, or Liverpool?

Whispers abound about the future of the young winger, especially as his contract edges closer to its end on June 30. With powerhouses like Liverpool, Villa, and Barcelona hovering with intent reveal AS, Uriarte seems optimistic. “Nico, along with his family – Iñaki, his mother – they all cherish Bilbao. They’re passionate about Athletic. They love our project. Both parties are diligently working to ensure he remains with us,” he stated, hinting that the final touches to a renewed contract might be on the horizon.

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